The Igloo Mosques of Kuwait



Lets face the facts; Kuwait is hotter than walking through the Sahara at 3PM in a fur coat and thermal gear; a lot of people do strange things to keep cool, some bathe in icewater, others keep their AC’s at freezing low temperatures.

However, for the latter, it is important to remember that usually during the Summer months Kuwait undergoes an electricity scare whereby the power available is not enough for everyone’s requirements.

Now on the opposite end of the problem spectrum, as schools are currently out and those students that have not travelled are lazing about, often in large gangs of 10 or more, with no place to contain them they always head for the nearest place where people can gather and escape the heat; the mosques.

Now this caused problems in that these children were loud and rambunctious, and more often than not distracted people going to the mosque to pray, especially at Fajr time (3:30AM). In addition to these gangs of children, fathers who take their infant children with them to the mosque and leave them to run around in the back screaming whilst they pray also add to the conundrum.

The Imams have called time and time again for fathers to not bring their children to the mosque if they lack discipline, and have requested the gangs to stay out, to no avail.

Now however it appears that the mosque next door has found a good way to keep people from overstaying… the thermostat.

The mosque is freezing cold at Fajr time, to the point where on the weekends where one stays in the mosque from Fajr to Dawn, I have to take a jacket with me.

This seems to be working in that there are no kids running around, but it seems rather thrifty of a mosque that is meant to promote the values of conservation.

What to do?

The Major Design Flaw of Mosques exacerbated during #Ramadan


We see the world through the eyes of our profession. Naturally, we spend so much time bettering ourselves in our chosen fields that we forget to take off those work goggles when outside of work.

During Ramadan, mosques are filled to the brim with eager practitioners hoping to get in on the “good deed bonanza” that comes with fasting – all good deeds are multiplied! Start Good-ing!

However, through the eyes of my profession, I see a major design flaw with mosques.

Lets talk inventory – FIFO (First In, First Out) vs. LIFO (Last In, First Out).

The current structure sees people entering the mosque to fill the lines starting inside i.e. right behind the Imam, crossing the most distance to get to prayer. As the rows fill up, those who come in later walk shorter distances (from the entrance to where they pray), and seeing as how they are late, they might have missed a prayer or two, meaning that once the imam is done, everyone who made to prayer on time will have to wait to exit because these people are still praying (and you cannot cross within arms length of someone praying).

The current system is LIFO, the last to come in would be the first to go out as they keep everyone at bay till they are done, whereas it should be FIFO, the first to go in should be the first to get out.

The only way this can be done is through a door at the forefront of the mosque.

Most mosques now have already established “exit paths” located at the far sides.

Next we’ll tackle the haphazard behavior of prayer goers who recklessly toss their shoes aside in any which way at the entrance, completely oblivious to the fact that this creates an eyesore and a distraction, as opposed to attempting to put their shoes properly where they should go.

One day at a time…

Spotting Phone Spammers – a Quick how to @ZainKuwait @AlMullaExchange

There are two kinds of people in this world; those who work honestly, and those who honestly are not working.

The latter tend to overshadow the former, and lead to such things as the get-rich quick and pyramid i.e. ponzie schemes.

As the saying goes, a fool and his money are quickly separated, and the easiest way to get a fool to part ways with his money is with the promise of more money.

There is a number in the UAE, I cannot recall it exactly, that calls you in Kuwait and claims to be from Zain, stating that you have won KD 20,000. They then give you a number to call in Kuwait to claim your prize.

This number called my dad, and he asked me to investigate.

To do so, I simply plugged the number into TruCaller, and voila, it was listed as “Scam Kuwait Dubai”.

Apparently what happens is the person will ask you to go to Al Mulla Exchange and transfer an amount to an account as “processing fees”, then you get nothing.

If you ask me, Zain and Al-Mulla should definitely go public and say that they are not affiliated with this scammer, who incidently is using an Ooredoo line.

Kuwait’s Most Wanted Criminals

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Kuwait’s Most Wanted Criminals: Interpol – aka the international police has a list of crim… @lordaymz

Interpol – aka the international police has a list of criminals wanted around the world for various crimes, Kuwait has 18 such criminals, of Kuwaiti and Expat origins.

In case you were wondering, when people are arrested at checkpoints and the news reports that they were wanted for “other crimes”, these are the other crimes.

Here are a few of the worst offenders:













Name: Mohammed Owihan


1) Receipt and Distribution of Child Pornography

2) Possession of Child Pornography



Charges: Receiving Stolen Material worth $5,000.

And of course the rest are wanted for fraud and dud cheques.

The full list can be found here

65 Celsius Weather in Kuwait Predicted?


With recent news of the temperature expected to rise to 65*C in Ramadan, we thought it best to give a few comparisons.

For those of you that forgot science, alcohol has a boiling point of 78*C, meaning that anyone intoxicated on the streets might feel a “cooling sensation” as the alcohol in their blood reaches boiling point.

On 13 September 2012 the World Meteorological Organisation disqualified the record for the highest recorded temperature, exactly 90 years after it had been established at El Azizia, Libya, with a measurement of 58*C. The official highest recorded temperature is now 56.7*C, which was measured on 10-July-1913 at Greenland Ranch, Death Valley, California, USA.

That’s because an international team of meteorologists finished an in-depth investigation of what had been the world-record temperature extreme of 58*C, recorded on 13-Sept-1922, in El Azizia, Libya. The group found that there were enough questions surrounding the measurement and how it was made that it was probably inaccurate, overturning the record 90 years to the day it was recorded.

So apparently, the temperature in Kuwait is expected to exceed that?

I find that highly doubtful, but we have messed up Mother Nature as a collective, so I would not be surprised if there was some minor merit to the claim.

Please, Please, Please, Please, before you drive to work in the morning, place a few bottles of water into the fridge and give them out the next day to anyone working on the street.

Corporate A**holery – A Double Edged Sword

I am a corporate a$$hole (CA).

CA is a new term coined by a dear, dear friend of mine as a result of my “corporate shenanigans”. By shenanigans I am referencing the several times I posted to this blog regarding my dissatisfaction with certain services and using my online voice to “call out” the culprit – corporate businesses.

It all started way back with this post right here, which as the namesake of this post suggests, is a good thing coming out of a bad thing.

More often than not, when faced with bad service, we mumble to ourselves, have a grumpy day, yell at our spouses etc. We never direct our anger towards the true source of our anguish – corporate business.

So now we are faced with two choices; either remain quiet and seethe for the rest of our lives, or try to do something about it. I decided it is high time to do something about it, and I would succeed:

Now the thing is, I do not parade companies dirty laundry without first emailing them personally to resolve the issue, I use the blog to add to my voice.

As of late, I have a positive step with my corporate a$$holery, and that is to commend good conduct when I see it, meaning I take the time out of my life to a) get in touch with corporation via Twitter to ask how to b) give a customer recommendation for outstanding performance c) explain that this is NOT a joke (they know me from before) and d) insist they give me the email of the manager responsible for such.

So, as long as you balance corporate a$$holery with decency, everything will be ok.

edit – thanks Kuwait Trail Mix for the title edit ^_^

The hidden pitfalls of Austrian Schengen Application in Kuwait

If you plan on traveling to Vienna, read this:

As a rule of thumb, the majority of Euro Nations have outsourced their visa procedures to outside agents in Kuwait. This reduces the traffic at embassies an ensures smooth sailing for all concerned.

Today my wife and I applied for the Schengen – Austria. Being someone in the field of reviewing processes and procedures, I felt the process could use a bit of sprucing.

The embassy website reads:


Visa applications require appointments scheduled in advance: online appointment

This does not mention that the appointment is at the embassy itself, in addition once the registration steps are completed (which are long and separate for each application – passport number, expiry date etc.), no confirmation email is sent. The confirmation page that appears with the passport details of the applicants does not mention that the appointment is at the embassy either.

The website then mentions cooperation with VFS Global, in bold. this captures peoples attention immediately, even the fact that their location is put in bold on the website and no address is shown for the embassy makes people focus on the address of the agent, not the embassy – ergo emboldening the assumption that all appointments are at the agent.

The next major headline is “Nationals of Kuwait and Bahrain require a valid visa or a residence permit to travel to Austria.”, which leads readers to believe that all the information following pertains to nationals of Kuwait and Bahrain.

It is only in the 10th paragragh that you discover that appointments can also be made at the embassy, but who has the time (or patience) to read all that?

  • The office hours of the visa section of the embassy are from Sunday to Thursday, from 09:00 to 13:00.
  • You need to book an appointment in advance. Please click online appointment
However, there is also a repitition of the online appointment line, which is confusing. 
The website does not state directly the cost of the visa; if it had stated that there are two methods of paying – one at the embassy (KD 20) and one at the agency (KD 29.25), people would understand that there is a choice to be made regarding the location where you wish to go.
In the end, I missed my appointment at the embassy and had to pay an extra 18.5KD to process our papers at the agent; further, the agent refused to accept papers that were printed on both sides (hotel and flight confirmation) despite this being the general direction that all human beings looking to “go green” are doing, printing on both sides of the paper.
Now I am no average joe when it comes to applications; for example, despite it not being mentioned, I printed our marriage certificate as a precaution because my wife did not yet open a bank account, in addition to providing her salary cheques (which they asked for), they then asked for the marriage certificate.
So, the website could use a serious update.

Kardastrophe – Why do we empower imbeciles like @khloekardashian?

The world craze of “following faux-lebrities” i.e the following of people without an ounce of talent or brains by people without an ounce of sense has taken a sharp turn (upward) since the invention of social media.

At the high of this tidal wave or tomfoolery is the latest sensation – Khloe Kardashian, whose number of faux-pa’s over the past few months has been staggering to say the least, earning her a top spot in “faux-lebrity f*ckup”.

Firstly we begin with Exhibit A – the Khloe Kardashian “Diet”, which entails no exercise or clean eating, unless you consider cleaning your food with windex to be clean eating. The diet consists of her eating what she can, then spraying the rest with window cleaner so as to prevent herself from eating more. Not only did she believe this “fad” to be something that can catch on, she goes and spreads news about it, with the entire world coming together to inform little Ms. My-Only-Claim-To-Fame-Is-My-Sisters-Porno-&-My-Dads-Vagina that half the world is living in hunger whilst she deliberately poisons food. Hey, how about wrapping it up “to go” and giving it to a homeless person on the street? Would that not be a better diet? (link)

Next up on her trail of blunder-dom is a bit closer to home, specifically the Arab World, whereby she posts a photo on instagram with her “Arabian Prince” with the caption “‘Happy halloween! We getting Arab money tonight,”, in addition to a not-so-savory comment about her “beau-sheikh”:

kardashian stupidity


The latest two are again in our neighborhood, specifically the UAE, and they have to do with:

a) Her posting a picture in a niqqab(link)

which in all honesty, is not so offensive as people are making it out to be – ergo we’re on the fence about this one.

b) Her selfie with endangered animals (link)

which should be viewed as both her fault as well as shed light on the exotic animal industry thriving in the region. Blame the root of the problem, not the outcome.

The very fact that her actions are making such reverberations around the world is proof that we have lost the will to read into “real news” and instead pamper ourselves with faux-news.

Here is hoping to see the day when media-outlets stop giving airtime to airheaded wannabes who add no value to humanity, instead continue to remind us that celebrity is a gift bestowed upon the untalented with reckless abandon.

And the real hypocrisy is that I am writing about this…

Slow week.

Happy Sunday.

Over & Out.

@The_Avenues – where Fast Food is Not So Fast!

Once upon a time ago I came to the abrupt realization that, despite its namesake, fast food is really not that fast.

To avoid giving anyone, as my good friend Noor would say, butthurt, we will refrain from posting a picture, and instead rely on words to paint this lexiconic portrait.

Picture if you will the following scene; you are hungry and feel the hankering for something greasy, fried and fast. You head to the food court at the Avenues Mall, the one near the Grand Avenues extension. You look to your right and find your chosen poison, and GREAT! no line! You think you will be done in record time, and mentally begin enjoying your meal, unwrapping your sandwich, tasting those succulent fries…

Your order is placed and the tray comes out, in record time you are given a smile by the cashier and your meal is ready to be carried away to be consumed. You turn around and…

You stop abruptly, your mental manger (Francais) erased as you realize the chaotic scene before you; tables strewn haphazardly across the area, chairs unceremoniously picked and grabbed and placed elsewhere, tables bedecked with leftovers and not a chair in sight, attacked by a different type of vulture – the chair stealer.

Yes, to anyone that has been to the Avenues food court, finding seating is a painstaking, time consuming task. Firstly, the area is underutilized with great expanses of open areas with no tables in them. Secondly, the seating issue is abysmal – there are never enough chairs.

At times you think you find salvation in the form of a table and chair in the corner, you rush there with hope in your eyes and saliva accumulating in your mouth at the thought of finally getting to enjoy your food which is slowly turning cold, soggy, lackluster… only to discover that this is the reject area, with broken tables and chairs placed precariously together feigning seating. For a half second, you contemplate shifting your weight to your right butt cheek in order to balance on the chair and placing your tray in your lap in order to consume your now cold meal.

And there in lies the trade off; for to go to the food court is to select quickness and variety, as well as bring relief to your purse strings by not being too expensive. However, the time factor during peak times almost makes the venture abundantly useless. Whereas on the other hand, if you opt for gourmet restraunts, seating is immediate – the selection is limited to their offering, and the price is up to your appetite.

However, you do settle the business of finding seating.

So what will you choose?

The Killing of Childhood in Kuwait

For those of us that have lived in the same area for many years, witnessing change is not uncommon. More often than not however, that change is for the worse.

This sign post was errected in Hawally, near the intersection of Tunis St. & Beirut St. It is right behind KFC.


No playing Football – Municipality of Kuwait – Under threat of legal action

As the translation suggests, anyone caught playing football will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. As you can see, the area is relatively wide and offers expanses of open space that might appeal to children wishing to partake in a friendly game of football. It is a dead area in that traffic is minimal, with few parked cars around.

Unfortunately, it happens to be right-smack-dab near a municipality building (which I always thought was abandoned).

If you are to compare the state of childhood 20 years or so in the past, you would find that back then there was an expanse of space available in every building where children could enjoy their youthful folly. Fastforward to today however, and you will find that every available space in any building is being used for parking, or storage of some sort. Buildings are now much larger than they were back then, with much fewer open spaces.

Now in addition to this, the available open areas are being “closed off”?

Childhood is murdered, and the culprit is the mad dash for cash and supposed “progress”.

Hang your heads in shame.

PS to those that will tout that Kuwait has made available football pitches that can be rented etc. to those I say, since when are children expected to pay for their childhood? Whatever happened to the open sand pitches that were strewn across Kuwait? Most famously the ones right next to Mubarak Hospital in Jabriya; those pitches hosted inter-school football tournaments, there were PLENTY. Now? Only 2 remain, the rest of the area was converted into Parking, a road, and government structures.

Goodbye outside, hello obesity and connection obsession.

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