قوى – Q8 Wrestling Association (QWA)

There is a niche in Kuwait that is in desperate need of entrepreneuristic vision; Q8 Wrestling Association – or QWA (pronounced as قوى which in Arabic means strength).

a sample of the Youth that could make the roster of QWA

If you are a regular gym enthusiast, or a normal resident of Kuwait, you will definitely be familiar with the “MANmoths” that habitually reside in the gym, or malls for that matter, strutting their ill-fitting clothes on their engorged frames.

I have seen guys at the gym of such monstrous proportion, that if they ever were to stop me in the street I would immediately fork over my phone, my wallet, the PIN to my ATM, and for good measure knock myself out as well.

I often wonder what it is these people do for a living, they are at the gym at almost all hours of the day,working on every perceivable muscle in their over-sized bodies. Some are tall, some are short, some are bald, some are not. They come in various shapes and sizes, but they all share one trait in common – they do not look like “normal” people, so short of putting them in some sort of zoo for the public to gawk and wonder at, why not give them a venue that they could benefit from?

There are no “celebrities” as such in Kuwait, at least not the ones that would require Body Guards, nor are there nightclubs in need of bouncers to control the frenzied masses. So what do these people do for a living, other than enroll in body building contests or wear tight fitting clothes?

Kuwait has the raw material to start up its own Wrestling franchise. Imagine having the likes of Waleed, Hamad, Talal, Jassim and Fahad in a wrestling ring. It would be a feat never before done by ANY Arab state.

Plus, if this idea were implemented, it would solve pent up frustration and domestic violence, curb unemployment, reduce traffic violations, promote tourism, quell the people’s need for violence leading to a more Utopian Society.

Wheres the harm in that?

Those that were in their teens/ tweens in the 90s in Kuwait will remember an event the likes of which Kuwait had never seen before, the wrestlers of the WWF (now WWE) had made their way to our Desert State, and it was not for the sole entertainment of the troops, but for the population in general.

Now India has started its own wrestling promotion, Ring Ka King, sponsored by Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling.

If India can do it, why can’t Kuwait?

And no, Wrestling in India is NOT like this:



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