0.0048% of Kuwait would rather live on Mars

The heat and dust have finally gotten to a small minority of the population that want to call it quits, pack up their bags, throw on their astronaut suits and head straight towards the Red Planet (by 2023).

According to Countrymeters.info (link) the current population of the Desert Oasis known as the State of Kuwait is billed at 2 948 719, of which, a measly 142 persons opted for the Mission to populate Mars (link).


Those hoping to find the following on Mars will be hugely disappointed:

red avatar



You are however most likely to find this little rascal:


You will remember that a short while ago, it was announced that a space exploration group was seeking volunteers for a one-way trip to Mars. That search has come to fruition as nearly quarter of a million earthlings put their names down for this epic journey. Amongst them were hopefuls from our very own Gulf Region, with the majority coming from Saudi, Qatar, then Kuwait and finally the U.A.E.

Well, I guess all we can say is….

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