18+ Kuwait’s Streets of Sin

Many an expat, and locals as well, complain of the prevalent lawlessness on the streets of Kuwait. From reckless drivers to absent minded ones, all roads eventually lead to the same unfortunate destination: Tragedy.

This is The Autobot Graveyard in Kuwait.

These images are not for the faint of heart.

This is a Range Rover, looks alright, right?


Wrong. These are the burnt out remnants of the interior of the Range Rover


The Range Rover front view. This car was worth around 4000-5000KD. How much would you pay for it now?

What people fail to understand is that the road is the coldest, vile, ruthless, creation they will ever encounter.

The road does not care.


This is a BMW 523i - roughly 6,000-8,500KD

BMW from another angle


More of the BMW


The Drivers Seat looks unscathed


The road does not care who your father is, nor who your mother is. It doesn’t care who you know, it does not care how much you earn, it does not care if you are the sole provider for your entire family, it does not care what make or model your car is, it does not care how expensive your car is. It does not care whether you are a local or an expat, it does not care how old you are, it just does not care.

Jeep SRT


This is a Camry, 3,600KD+ before


This is the Camry from the inside


Front view of the Camry

This is the result of the reckless speeders. If only it were only their lives that they put at risk, how many of these disasters do you think happened to someone who was just at the wrong place, at the wrong time?

Side meets Side



And another thought to ponder; how many of the drivers and passengers walked away, and live to tell the tale of their horrific accidents? And how many victims passed away, whilst the drivers of these vehicles lived on, forever tormented by the blood on their hands?

Audi, a luxury car...

Audi Front View

Lexus, another Luxury Car.


Same Lexus...


I will leave you with a story. A personal tragedy I witnessed. This is no urban myth, no tale told to frighten drivers into not conforming and obeying traffic laws, I lived this incident. It is the story of a boy, a few years my junior, (let us call him A) a couple of years ago. In celebration of their grades, his friends dad had brought him a car, despite his being 16 at the time, below the legal age to drive.

This friend took two of his friends along with him on a joyride, one of which was A.

Now A had not told his father that he was going out with his friend, and as the hour drew late, his father worried and called A’s phone.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

An answer.

But it was not the voice he expected to hear, and they would be by far the harshest words he would ever hear for the rest of his life.

It was an officer, who informed him that his son had been in an accident, and had died on the spot.

I walked in A’s funeral, I watched as they laid A to rest, as the sand filled up the grave, and as the people walked away.

A was the same age as his friend, whether the driver himself lived or not, I do not know.

Slow down, your life is waiting for you.

What happened here? Each car tells a horrific tale of a tragic accident

Side swiped


For the windshield to be broken inward, I fear the worst..

A Motorbike...


The Dodge, from a different angle

Dodge Charger, previously 6,999KD. Now...

Hood wide open

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