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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Litigation success

Kuwait is in disputes with Iraq Airways, claiming about $1.2bn (KD 336m) related to aircraft and parts seized during Saddam Hussein’s 1990-91 invasion.

When the first Iraqi Airways flight from Baghdad to London for 20 years was impounded at London’s Gatwick Airport. That is right, impounded. And an attempted repossession took place. How do you repo a plan, seriously? Does that fancy “tire lock” that the traffic cops use work on planes? Did they jack the keys?

Iraq however, has an extremely efficient ace-in-the-hole.

File for bankruptcy.

Upon declaring bankruptcy, and simply “renaming” the company to, lets say, Iraqia Airways, Kuwait would have no claims on them.


On a COMPLETELY separate note, Kuwait swung to a budget surplus of 8.18 billion dinars ($28.21 billion) in the 2009/10 fiscal year compared to a forecast 4.9 billion deficit, helped by far higher-than-expected oil revenue and tighter spending…

What they are claiming from Iraq is a mere 4% of the budget surplus, for those who are not mathematically savvy.

Robin Hood, your services are direly requested..

Tainted News

CNN is the most biased news network there is online..

It is tragic; I have long been an ardent fan of keeping my homepage to CNN to read the latest world news, but that was before Islamophobia took over.

Now, it seems that if an article does not attack islam in some way or another, it is not fit for news. And as Russel Peters said, the media glorifies and objectifies. They steer you toward conclusions. Show you a picture of a woman crying over a body, and immediately shift the next scene to some bearded fanatic.

Compare the following two articles:
Strangers give Bolivian boy walk of life a glorifying advert for christianity.
Unraveling the case of confessed terrorist Bryant Vinas a story with more holes in it than Swiss Cheese.

Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against Christianity.

I am against tailoring stories to pull a veil over the publics eyes. The first story goes on to describe how a group of self sacrificing, christian missionaries went beyond all calls of duty to help a Bolivian boy with a rare disease to walk again.

The second story, is a detailed diary of how a low-life CNN-journalist spends his time following a bogus story. The story has no facts, no quotes, nothing, purely hear-say and speculation.

CNN neglects to mention how the King of Saudi Arabia has a dedicated team of surgeons for all cases of siamese twins, and all the other good that Islam advocates.

No, CNN tends to focus on stories such as:
Karachi airport stops man with circuits in shoes
Peaceful preaching inside, violent message outside a New York mosque

Not to mention that CNN has a disgusting habit of having people put in their 2 cents worth on every news article, just reading the comments makes me sick to my stomach at times. You have people ignorant to the principles of Islam attacking it and calling muslims all sorts of names. Freedom of speech right?


CNN has lost all credibility with me, as of this day, my new homepage shall be http://www.bbc.co.uk/ or simply http://www.bbc.com/ for short.

Damn you CNN, and your biased cronies. 

Praising Outsourced Nokia

Lets face a simple truth: Nokia dominates the mobile phone industry.

We have all had problems with Nokia ofcourse; I recently bought an n97, the business-mans phone. Everything was swell, until a few days after my birthday, when my phone decided to go haywire and delete an accumulation of over 3000 txt messages, dating back from when I first started using “smart phones”.

A tragic loss.

The reason it was such a blow was that, I didn’t do anything wrong with the phone! Suffice to say, I was ticked off. I lost my latest birthday messages from family & loved ones.

As any warm-blooded consumer would do, I decided to make my voice heard, and on April 29, 2010, I shot an email to nokia HQ informing them of their products deficiency.

Fastforward to today, and my phone rings with an international number. Enter the outsourced Nokia Service!!

I never would have believed it, even after watching Slum Dog Millionaire, but its true, all multinational companies are outsourcing their call center function to India! I was put on with a delightful chap who asked what had happened since I sent my email, and that he was sorry as unfortuantely, messages stored on the phones mass memory are not kept in the Nokia Databases.

It has just dawned on me, violation of privacy? My messages, had they been saved on the SIM or the phone memory, would be accessible from over there?

Never-the-less, it was delightful to hear from Nokia, as a consumer, I take pride in knowing that my complaints are acknowledged.

In the end it was decided that naught can be done to save my messages (in actuality, I only lost the messages I had accumulated since February, as the really precious memories from 4 or so years ago, are safely stored on my other phones; nokia 6680 and n95).

Praise Nokia..

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