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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Kuwaiti Maestro – The Opera Man

There once was a show called “Arabs Got Talent”, and on this show, this person was revealed to the world as the Kuwaiti Luciano Pavarotti in-the-making.

AbdulRahman Al Mehameid is a talented, inspiring Opera singer, with no venue to properly give him the push he so rightfully deserves. He also sings Khaleeji, but I would be more inclined to attend an Opera Night ass opposed to Khaleeji. Thats just me.

I read somewhere that there are plans in the pipelines to build an Opera house in Kuwait, this would be a project long overdue in a country that wishes to compete with neighboring GCC countries, but clearly has not invested much in terms of Arts, Music and Live Entertainment.

Come on Kuwait!

The reason I write this post at this point in time is because this happened on a tuesday night:

my first celeb-a-stalk experience 😛

Despite my invading the privacy of his Dinner, he was very friendly and extremely kind.

I seem to have switched on some sort of celebrity magnet, as just the other day (yesterday infact) I was at the hospital waiting for my results when a woman (don’t all stories involve women? :P) walks into the waiting area with what appeared to be an assistant, a maid, and a boy of maybe 1.5~2 years of age. What caught my attention was the scarf around her neck (reddish hair, pale, black dress, high heels), as I found it an odd fashion sense in a hospital of all places.

She took the seat next to me (or behind me depending on how you look at it, the chairs were circular in pattern), so as I was listening away obliviously to my music, a little girl who was being egged on by her sister walks up to this fashionable woman, and I hear her say “I watch you on TV”, to which the fashionable femme responds “habibti” and starts kissing and hugging the little girl.

I had no idea who she was tho, and didn’t find out.

Pictures Paint a Thousand Words

This post will be an accumulation of pictures I have taken out and about Kuwait with my crappy-yet-reliable N97 cam, some are good, some are bad; and a few anecdotes I have to share.

First off, congratulations to the KPD (Kuwait Police Department) for doing the following:

Apparently, this jack@$$ thought himself to be too important to park like normal people, and instead opted to park in the spot reserved for the handicapped. Mind you, this was inside the parking lot of Crowne Plaza, so the perp thought it was off-limits to cops. Guess again.

It really irritates me to see such behavior from people, these spots are meant for the disabled, they are not “Prime Spots” for anyone to use, where has common decency gone?

Not too far, as I happily found out one friday morning near the Kuwait towers. The parking lot was packed so I circled to the other side and found ample space. Upon walking to the other side I happened upon a well-to-do, smart looking man with his family in his car, and he had just pulled into the handicap spot. From my position, I noticed he had no markings on his car that there were any handicapped people aboard. I got agitated and swore under my breath at the man. Whether or not he heard me, or saw me scowling at him, or had a sudden change of heart, I do not know. But he did pull out of that spot and drive away. I hope he did so because he knew it was wrong to park there, and not because his family changed their mind and decided they wanted to go elsewhere, or that he left the stove on back home.

Wide Load

Why on earth are pick-up trucks allowed to do this? This is one really Big Ass Truck (B.A.T). I want one person to explain the logic behind it.

Side Mirror Picturesque

Taken from my side-mirror, on the drive home one day. Serene.

Excuse me sir! Please Cover Up! I find your nudity offensive, naive.

They should also put up a sign that you cannot change behind a tower around your waist, as sooner or later your tush will pop out. Also, hairy gorilla guys, please, do something about that. You are proving Darwin right!

Translation Fail

 I work for the Exploive department…

Correction: I work for the ExplosSive Department.

What do you say when you see a father littering, right infront of his son’s eyes?

Kuwait needs, seriously needs, to implement a zero-tolerance on littering policy. WTH? I see cars throwing the strangest junk out of their windows, from pepsi cans to styrofoam meal boxes, to lit cigarettes and confetti!

How to Live Longer

Yes, الأعمار بيد الله ولا احد له درايه بعلم الغيب

Smokers can outlive sportsmen, who at times die at a young age from some cardiovascular complication.

BUT, that does not mean we cannot take the means to lead healthy, active lives.

I do not believe in diets, or depriving myself of a certain food, I’ll eat what I want and work hard to burn it.

So, without further adieu, and in celebration of my birthday (today btw :P) here are a few steps to take to promote a longer, healthier life (thank you Askmen):

1- Always opt for exercise

Technology exists to make our lives easier, but it doesn’t always make us healthier. Daily exercise, however, is a definite boon to health. In fact, studies suggest that daily exercise can add up to three years to your life. Although finding time for structured exercise can be pretty much impossible for many guys, the good news is that opportunity for exercise is everywhere — just be creative. Whenever you can, walk to work. You don’t even have to walk the whole way. If you take public transit, just get off a few blocks sooner and enjoy a stroll. If you live or work in a high-rise building, just take the stairs. It’s really that simple.
2- Eat a healthy breakfast
Including breakfast in your daily routine is a great healthy habit for living longer. Over the years, researchers have found that those who eat an early-morning meal are less likely to be obese and get diabetes compared to those who don’t. Breakfast-eaters also report feeling better both mentally and physically. All in all, it seems that eating breakfast is a great, healthy way to start your day. To get the full benefits of breakfast, though, the Mayo Clinic recommends a meal with carbs, protein and a small amount of fat. The key is to keep your meals varied to ensure you get a good mix of nutrients, so spice up your breakfast every once in a while.

3- Get enough sleep

A lack of quality sleep can shorten your life. At least that’s the conclusion drawn from a number of studies conducted over the past decade. Although it’s not entirely clear how many hours of sleep we really need, failing to get at least seven hours of sleep or only sleeping at odd hours appears to heighten the risk of major illnesses including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. But it’s not just a lack of sleep that can be dangerous; a lack of relaxation can leave a lasting mark as well. We all know that stress and anxiety are killers, and so it follows that finding ways to relax each day can be a lifesaver. Whether it’s classical music, massage therapy or meditation, whatever you use to relax will most certainly add years to your life. It may even help you sleep better.
4- Brush and floss daily

Flossing can add 6.4 years to your life, says Dr. Michael Roizen in his book The RealAge Makeover. Although that estimate might be a little far-fetched, the thinking behind it is probably pretty sound. The reality is that poor oral hygiene can lead to nasty gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. These inflammatory diseases can actually lead to a narrowing of the arteries, a common cause of cardiovascular disease. By simply brushing and flossing daily, we rid our mouths of the bacteria that cause inflammatory gum disease and save our heart a little bit of trouble.

5- Stay in touch with friends

There’s an old saying that says a good friend is cheaper than therapy. Oddly enough, researchers now hold this to be true, though it’s not just about friends; any social network, whether it be through church, a sports club or cooking class, can positively impact your physical and mental well-being. Social networks can provide us with useful information, like encouragement to go see a doctor. They can give physical support, like helping us run errands, and they can provide emotional support, like listening to our problems to help us overcome depression and anxiety. All of these seemingly minor perks can literally add years to our lives.

6- Stay hydrated

Our bodies are nearly 70% water, so it should come as no surprise that water is essential to maintaining health and prolonging life. We use water to regulate body temperature, protect our joints and organs, and to help transport oxygen to cells. But in order for water to keep our bodies in check we need to make sure that its levels are constantly replenished. The solution is simple: hydrate. Although the common prescription of drinking eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day has been called a myth, the message isn’t necessarily a bad one. As long as you hydrate frequently, from various sources, not just water, you’re probably in the clear.

making daily habits count
Many of us are set in our daily routines. We eat the same meal, wear the same clothes, take the same route to work, and work the same old job. But what we sometimes fail to recognize is the huge impact that our daily routines can have on our health. By making just a few small changes here and there — and sticking to them — you can add a significant number of years to your life. Although change isn’t always easy, it can be done. Set small goals, ease in changes one at a time and it won’t be long before you notice a positive change in your health and mood.

Keep in mind that what works for one may not work for all, find what regiment you are most comfortable with and go for it.

And heres a toast to a healthier you 🙂

Gorilla Grunting Gym Going Guys

Forget G6:

A rather moronic, yet catchy, tune that made its way around the radio. Now I want to draw your attention to the more disturbing phenomena, the G5 – Gorilla Grunting Gym Goin’ Guys.

Picture if you will the following scenario, your shift at work is over, you head on to your gym, you get changed out of your day wear and into your sweats and shorts, you get in the zone, pump your favorite music directly into your cerebral cortex via your aural canals, you’re focusing on your core, feeling the burn, concentrating, getting ripped, shredded (is it a gym or a meat-market? Those two terms are just plain weird!), all is right with the universe, you are finally striving towards the Apex of fitness.

And then, you see a guy doing this:

Or, simply this (I cannot believe I found this video, it is AMAZINGLY accurate towards my point! IT really is a search and you will find world!)

I do not understand these behemoths, these manmoths if you will. What, who or which female of what species would find this attractive? I’m talking about the overinflation of the muscular tissue beneath this mans epidermis. I’m all for looking good, but in what book is that look good?

I have seen guys with breasts growing out of their biceps, and they weren’t even flexing! That was their “natural” look. Bear in mind they have lost the ability to straigthen their arms and must walk with arms akimbo for the rest of their lives.

Now, back to the grunting. It really is discouraging. Here I am working hard to get my body right, and theres this manmoth behind me getting his freak on it seems with his weights, making the same exact noise you would get if you were to forcibly insert an object, or remove it, from someones rectal cavity.

There was this one guy with arms literally the size of my head, lifting weights that probably far surpass my own weight (including shoes!), and the noises he was making. Even with my iPod at full blast, I could not drown the guttural grunts of this manmoth.

Now, worst of all is to find a skinny guy with flimsy weights also grunting! That is just a laugh riot waiting to happen!

I understand that forcibly exhaling is sometimes a strong motivator, but alot of these buffoons over-exaggerate. There is a way to do it, unfortunately I cannot record it for your hearing pleasure but I will try my best to describe it.

You start off strong with a “HUMPH!” and cut it short, you emphasis the silent ending. Try it.

Go ahead.

What these muscle-heads are doing is more of a “AAARUMPHAA”, like some wild-boar mating call, and overly elongating their decibels.

It literally sounds like they are trying to scare some wild predator in the savannah or the forest away from their kill.

It has got to stop.

Crown Plaza Gym needs to adopt the same policy as Planet Fitness:

I know I enjoy the benefit of working out haphazardly and defining my frame, if I were to stop for elongated periods of time and do ZERO weights, I wouldnt slip that much. Take these guys away from the weights for just one week, and watch the hard muscle turn to flabby lipoids.

This is just the grunting I’m talking about, I won’t even go near the other occurrences in the locker room, where you find said muscle-bound moron with one butt cheek out and a trainer/ friend sticking it to him (anabolic steroids that is).

Dylan Moran, a famous Irish comedian, was once talking about how men and women kill themselves to go to the gym to get the “ideal” body, well, heres his take on the ideal body:

“My ideal body, you know, would be just probably something like… ahm… one eye, you probably only need one. A kind of sucker thing instead of teeth, because they just give you grief in the end, you know. And a long, long tube with my arse way over there so I don’t have to deal with it. That would be ideal.”

This is, kind of sports related, right?

BBPin# Pick-up & Other Flirtation Methods in Kuwait

Alot of peeps who come to Kuwait see wonderous new things that they may have not seen anywhere else in the World (ok I’m stretching the truth to breaking point but just go with me on this); drive-by Baqala’s, the Kuwait Towers (I’m trying hard to think of other examples and running low!) etc.

Most amazing however, is the BBPin# Pick-up.

Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Heres a visual aid:


I would like to know, how incredibly handsome or filthy rich said person driving car above is, that the mere sight of them by any woman, pedestrian or driver, will prompt them to immediately take out their BB’s and send in their flirtations etc. begging for the chance to be the one for him.

Its like the guy is saying, “I cannot be bothered to flirt with you, so here, just take my BBPin# and get in touch me whenever”.

Some guys are old fashioned and just put their number on the car.

Theres also the “Red-Light-Ravish”, I saw this myself, where a guy would get out of his car at the traffic light, crumple up a piece of paper with his number on it, and toss it into a car with a female driver. Again, “I can’t be bothered to flirt right now, just get back to me whenever”.

How does a girl even respond to that? “Oh hi, I’m the girl who you gave your number to on the stop light near Marina Mall, how r u? Want to go for coffee sometime? You can come pick me up?” To which the guy would be like, “Woman you already have a car!”.

Flirtation is an art lost in the State of Kuwait.

Heres a bit of recent news, doesn’t it just kill the romantic in you when you read something like this:

Flirtatious boy hits bottle on girl’s head (TITLE FAIL ARABTIMES, shouldn’t you say, Flirtatious boy hits girl on head with bottle? *smh* must be lost in translation)

KUWAIT CITY, April 15: Police are looking for a Kuwaiti youth who struck a girl with a bottle and caused severe injury to the head after she refused to take his phone number at a beach along the Arabian Gulf Street.

Sources said the youth tried in vain to give his mobile number to the girl, so he turned to insult her. However, he became furious and hit the girl with the bottle when she retaliated, and escaped. Paramedics rushed the girl to the Amiri Hospital after passersby reported the incident to the Operations Room, and a case has been registered against the youth.

And since we’re on the subject of Cars in Kuwait, take a look at this:

The pick-up truck is already a beast to be reckoned with on the streets, so someone please explain why some people feel it necessary to monster-truck-ify their trucks into the behemoth above? Honestly, what is the driver trying to compensate for, I wonder?

Ready to Tri – Triathlon 101 FAQ what you need to Know

So, in two weeks time we will have The Flying Start event put on by the good folks at The3Club.

How does one prepare for a triathlon?

I compiled a list of Qs, from my n00b perspective, and sent them in, the folks were gracious enough to give me some answers to share with the general public, so without further adieu, for those planning to take part in this spectacle, this information is for you:

What time will the race start on friday (reference: Friday prayer)

The Race will begin in the early morning at 6:00 am, we’ll have a cutoff time of 3 hours so we should wrap up the whole event before prayer time.

What type of swimming attire would you suggest men (shorts, speedo’s etc)/ women wear?

Well the most ideal would be a triathlon suit which you can swim,cycle and run in without having to change. you can find tri suits at Extreme sports shops either in slamiya or shuwaikh.

Are the women in a separate area than the men for the entire triathlon?

No The transition zone is mixed

Is there a resting period inbetween the different activities, or is it like an obstacle course where the first to finish the whole thing wins?

There’s no rest period, but i suppose its up to each individual participant wether they wish to rest in the transition area, but they will lose time, as its not typically used for rest just to transition to the other discipline.

Are snacks (power bars, fruits etc) allowed inbetween activities? Are they provided at the competition or does each person bring their own?

yes they’re allowed, one needs a source of instant energy during triathlon, some participants use concentrated power gels which they bring along with them, or bananas and other food items popular for their energy boosting .

we will provide water and gatorade along the course .

If yes, what type of snacks would you suggest people take, would they be different between each different activity?

Answered above

Are the cycles provided by you or should participants bring their own?

Each participant must get their own bike and equipment, the race officials and organizers are not responsible for providing any equipment.

What type of cycling gear should participants bring with them?


What foods should participants focus on one week prior to the race?

This really depends on each individual but typically athletes eat a lot of carb and reduce any fiber fileld foods 2 days close to race day.

Will there be an ambulance on call if anyone gets dehyrdrated, faints etc?

Yes there will be a skilled emergency team on stand by.

Is the triathlon open to participants from outside Kuwait?

Yes in fact the race has been minimally promoted in Dubai.

Do participants choose between the two classes (Sprint/ Olympic), or is there some test which determines which class a participant can compete in?

Participants are free to choose which ever distance category they prefer, based on their personal opinion of how fit they are, and must sign a disclaimer to that effect.

What is the difference between the Olympic and Olympic relay classes?

Olympic individual is when one participants does the whole distance by him/her self, swimming the 1500 followed by a 40 km bike and a 10 km run non stop to the finish line. In Relay a team of three or 2 can share the race distances meaning that one can do the swim, pass the timing chip to a team mate who then carries through the bike portion then passes the timing chip to the third team member who will finish the run.

How a Triathlon is performed:
The Run is the last discipline in triathlon and its right after the bike, once an athlete finishes from the bike they must cycle back to the transition are, get rid of the bike gear (helmet, cycling shoes, gloves..etc) and put on their running gear (running shoes, sun cap..etc)

and run the rest of the race be it the 5km for the sprint or the 10 km for the olympic.

For everyone wishing to participate, here is the form 🙂

The Govt’s Mobile Beach Initiative

Fresh off the Inventors Convention in Switzerland comes this latest piece of faux news!

The recent bouts of bizarre and freakish sandstorms are part of a top secret government experiment to bring Mobile Beaches to the mass populace!

Now, you don’t have to drive a long way to get to a crowded beach with rowdy teenagers and people left right and center, you can enjoy the beach from your very own living room! Just open a window, slip on your swimming trunks, pull out an old tub, fill it with water and relax 🙂

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Their slogan: You bring the Aqua, We bring the Silicon Dioxide!

Don’t Stay

Linkin Park,

need I say more?

Change your Words, Change the World

This is an amazing video, and plays well with the theme I currently have swimming in my mind.

The Sultan Center’s Celebrity Superhero Greeters Initiative

Apparently, in these tough economic times, not even Superheroes are immune from the ravages of tight spending, budget cuts and downsizing…

Spiderman, aka Peter Parker, a brilliant scientist, a well-loved superhero that everyone can aspire to be like, has been reduced from fighting the likes of Doc Ock, Venom, Carnage, The Sinister Six, Rhino, Scorpion (etc. etc. :P) to this…

Not only that, apparently there has been a recurrence of the “Separation Anxiety” & “Identity Crisis” storyline, as there appears to be an Army of Spidermen trying to make ends meet.

wave goodbye to your dignity Spidey…

My childhood superhero, reduced to this…

‘Nuff said…


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