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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Eye Piercings & The Resolution of the Human Eye

Ever wonder what the resolution of the human eye is?

The Human eye is extremely Complex

Photography has become everyone’s calling, you have to take a stroll around the scientific center to see them out in full force with their tripods. It seems that everyone with a wad of cash, a DSLR camera and a bit of patience has become worthy of the moniker photographer.

It is not uncommon for a photographer to be enthralled by the majestic beauty of a sunset, or the night sky, or a full moon, and attempt to grab this beauty in a snapshot depicting how awe-inspired they were at that very moment. More often than not however, that image is but a pale comparison of the true beauty which it was meant to portray.

The Kuwait City Skyline at Night, much more flattering in person (mobile cam)

Why is that? Simply put, you see things one way, and your camera sees things differently.

So, what is the resolution of the human eye, at which a camera would be able to truly capture an image the way the eye sees it?

The answer is 576MP, the technical breakdown is as follows:

Consider a view in front of you that is 90 degrees by 90 degrees, like looking through an open window at a scene. The number of pixels would be 90 degrees * 60 arc-minutes/degree * 1/0.3 * 90 * 60 * 1/0.3 = 324,000,000 pixels (324 megapixels).

At any one moment, you actually do not perceive that many pixels, but your eye moves around the scene to see all the detail you want. But the human eye really sees a larger field of view, close to 180 degrees. Let’s be conservative and use 120 degrees for the field of view.

Then we would see 120 * 120 * 60 * 60 / (0.3 * 0.3) = 576 megapixels.

The full angle of human vision would require even more megapixels. This kind of image detail requires A large format camera to record.

Therefore, once our cameras reach 576MP, the pictures you take with your camera will look exactly the same as you see them.

Just be patient, its coming out, soon.. In the next millennium.. Maybe.

Also, in a slightly related topic, there exists an operating procedure to implant a small piece of jewelry directly into the eye, as a form of piercing.

Eye Piercing

The eyeball implant, is commonly also referred to as an eyeball piercing, although it is technically an implant. This is unlike the subdermal- and transdermal implants that I’ve discussed before. This particular implant has to be performed under a medical environment. 

The implant is placed into the surface of the white of the eye. The procedure started in the Netherlands, and is a fully legal procedure offered by eye clinics who support the brand name- JewelEye. 

For more info on the procedure and its safety (link).

Personally, I’m saving my eyes for LASIK.

Avenues No Smoking Policy is a mere Urban Myth in Kuwait



As I was strolling through the Avenues earlier this morning, I came across a fine group gentlemen without any regard for the health and well being of those around them. They were smoking, despite the purported ban on smoking.

What is the purpose of rules if they are not enforced? This gentleman was walking around the Avenues, cancer stick in hand, oblivious to all around him.

The problem is, most security guards are hesitant when they see locals smoking, and refrain from censuring them, whereas some would let the security guards words fall on deaf ears, mostly arrogant children, you have but attend a midnight show in the Avenues Cinema to see that, they only respect the plain clothed security.

Heres hoping that stricter measures are taken to enforce the smoking ban.

Qatar’s Dunes of Destruction

In a follow-up post to the popular Kuwait’s Street’s of Sin (link), the following photographs, in via e-mail, photography courtesy of Ahmed Al Naimi, prove that it is not only on the streets that accidents can claim lives and destroy vehicles, and that it is not only speed but recklessness and boredom that contribute to the death of the youth.

Contrary to what many perceive to be true, vehicles are not as safe as they think, in the wrong hands, they are death traps, ensnaring driver, passengers and innocent bystanders in its deathly embrace.

These pictures were taken in Qatar, as is evident by the apparent license plate, and are a shocking revelation. Accidents happen not only on streets, but in the vast, open Desert as well.

Recklessness, the real villain behind accidents.

The Photography is brilliant, the incident, Tragic..

May this serve as a reminder for joy-riders. Even in the absence of traffic, you are your own worst enemy.

Seemingly innocent joy-riding

The Devestation begins

The car on its side


Upside down

How did the door open?



Sea of Sand floods inside

Sand Storm




Arabic Speakers, I Dare you not to ROFL!

This video is probably OLD, but it is hilarious none-the-less!

For our non-Arab speaking friends, the sketch is about incorporating punctuation when reading, to keep the listeners aware of their presence and usage.

Watch, Laugh, Enjoy!

Eid Mubarak.

Internet could be 20KD per annum in Kuwait

The Information Super Highway

In wake of the recent “uprising” in Kuwait over the monopolistic hike in prices and subsequent downgrading in quality of ISPs, the people of Kuwait, expat and citizen alike, banded together, and used Facebook & Twitter to stick it to the ISPs. Now, prices have gone down, 256kbps is deceased, and soon to follow, the 512.

It irks me that I paid 99KD to Fasttelco for my connection (512, X6 at night) and now, a 1MB connection is going for 81KD, and 512 will be phased out.

I sent a strong worded email to Fasttelco yesterday, and they responded immediately, saying that prices had gone down, and that I could possibly speak to accounts and see if I could migrate to a different package, given that I paid 99KD. I was transfered to Accounts and kept on hold though, so that is on my to-do list after Eid.

Now, back to the subject matter at hand, I came across this article.

If this bill is passed, then this dream could indeed become a reality to all expats and citizens of Kuwait.

From Arab Times (link):

Islamist MP Mohammed Hayef has submitted a draft bill in which he proposes that high quality Internet services be provided by the government to citizens and residents in Kuwait. The bill stipulates an annual fee of not more than KD 20. In his explanatory note, Hayef said that Internet use does not conflict with Islamic laws and is a basic human right as it is a necessary method for economic development and the practice of freedom of opinion and expression. The Islamist MP said it is the government’s responsibility to sponsor freedom of communication and media.

Eid Al Fitr Prayer in Kuwait
























Eid al Fitr, or celebration of breaking fast. Ramadan has come and gone, and these auspicious days are still a period of reflection and contemplation. Hopefully, the days of Ramadan have instilled all Muslims with empathy for the poor, charity, worship, steadfastness and patience.

It is a customary duty during the last few days of Ramadan, to pay alms to the poor, Zakat al Fitr, which plays a very important role in the development of the bonds of community. The rich are obliged to come in direct contact with the poor, and the poor are put in contact with the extremely poor, it teaches those who have, to be generous to those who do not have.

The amount of Zakat is the same for everyone, approximately between 2.6 Kg to 3 Kg of food, grain or dried fruit for each member of the family, or their monetary equivalent (currently set at 1-1.5KD per person).

Muslims are also encouraged on this day to forgive and forget any differences or past animosities that may have occurred with others during the year.

Typically, Muslims wake up relatively early in the morning—always before sunrise— to offer prayer.

May you all have a blessed vacation.

Paintball Kuwait offers 50% during Eid Holidays

Remember, please tell 'em you read it here

Also, via GrabDealz:

“52% Off on Single Admission at Paintball Kuwait” – If you want to have fun during you Eid holidays head down to Kuwait Paintball next to Kuwait Tower.

Eid Al Fitr is Tomorrow!

Strange incident with Salary Deposit in Kuwait University

An employee at Kuwait University had 4-times her salary deposited by mistake, and refuses to return it..

 Now, as a former Accountant, I had encountered an eerily similar incident, albeit intentional and not accidental. It was something to do with the Shu’oun requiring all employees to have received their salaries via bank transfer. A few of the employees, myself included, who were recent additions to the work-force, had instead received cash salaries. Cash salaries, according to the Shu’oun, were now illegal, as there is no paper trail for the government to follow.
The Shu’oun was asking for 2 month salary transfers for the new employees, so the idea was thought up to just transfer the money now to these accounts, twice, and ask the employees to withdraw the money and return it.
Simple, right? I had called up ALL the employees and informed them of what would happen, and what they were expected to do, and the understood, or so they told me.
So imagine my surprise, after OKing the 2 month salary transfer to their accounts, and then having to call them all again to remind them to come in, to find out that the majority of them had remitted the money to their home country already, thinking it was an “accounting error” and that they got raises.
The company’s stance on this; they held their salary for the next two months, paying them only their overtime (they were laborers).
The story as the Arab Times reported (link)
KU staffer refuses to return cash put in her account ‘It is dept’s mistake, they should face it’

 KUWAIT CITY, Aug 28: Due to negligence of both the Administrative and Financial Aff-airs Departments of the Kuwait University, an employee is said to have received more than KD 3,000 added in her salary, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The employee was surprised when she found KD 4,000 in her bank account and when she checked with the bank she was informed the money was deposited by the Kuwait University and the employee thought it was a rise in her salary, which was approximately KD 1,000.

When the employee wanted to make sure if there was an increase in her salary she discovered it was a mistake. The employee insists on not returning the money saying the person who committed the mistake should learn a lesson.

Kuwait is Part of U.A.E according to MSN

As I was signing out of my Hotmail account a few minutes ago, which I use for my daily dose of Garfield & Dilbert (in that order), I came across a rather peculiar pop-up window embedded into the MSN homepage (link).

Its the Kuwait Flag alright, however the link leads to... U.A.E?


So right now, I’m looking around my desk, and out of the window, to see if I were somehow magically teleported to the UAE whilst driving to work this morning.

Welcome to the KUWAE, apparently!

This is why I choose Gmail over Hotmail…

(ofcourse, this could just mean that MSN only recognizes the UAE as a region in the Gulf, and hence, all its neighbors are automatically placed under its umbrella…)

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