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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Quick fix for the WhatsApp Error : Status unavailable

People are buzzing with fear at the recent appearance of ‘status not available’ errors when attempting to share files with WhatsApp contacts, prompting said people to believe that WhatsApp has had the last straw and, according to the following SPAM HOAX MSG, will be a paid service.

Whatsapp is shutting down on 28th jan   Message from Jim Balsamic (CEO of Whatsapp) we have had an over usage of user names on whatsapp Messenger. We are requesting all users to forward this message to their entire contact list. If you do not forward this message, we will take it as your account is invalid and it will be deleted within the next 48 hours. Please DO NOT ignore this message or whatsapp will no longer recognise your activation. If you wish to re-activate your account after it has been deleted, a charge of 25.00 will be added to your monthly bill. We are also aware of the issue involving the pictures updates not showing. We are working diligently at fixing this problem and it will be up and running as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation from the Whatsapp team..:)

If your WhatsApp status is error:status unavailable then you are not frequent user and by 5:00pm C.A.T WhatsApp will start charging you. To become a frequent user send this message to 10 people who receive it.

If people thought for a second, they’d note that this is a gross violation of privacy, having the ability to judge your account status based on a msg you receive?

Rest assured, WhatsApp remains free. The trick is to simply refresh the list of contacts.

Go to settings / chat preferences / email chat history, then your entire contact list will appear, click menu & hit refresh.


Ingenious Advertising in Kuwait

You have to give credit where credit is due.

Whilst  traipsing about Maidan Hawally, close in proximity to the huge roundabout near Sha’ab Leisure Park,  one was suddenly overwhelmed with an unquenchable thirst.

Desperate for a drink of water and with no bakala’s in the vicinity, I came across a peculiar sight:

A water cooler in the middle of a parking lot.. suspicious?

At first I believed my dehydrated mind to be playing tricks on me, it was as if I were Odysseus on a quest with someone looking out from above, for how else would a rational mind explain the presence of such an amenity in the middle of no where?

I drew up a scenario quickly, for in so doing I would trick my mind into believing this was legitimate, gaining me one step closer in satisfying my thirst. This must undoubtedly have been set up by a group of workers doing nearby construction. No new buildings in the vicinity though. No matter, it was good enough for me, and the water was surprisingly VERY cold.

I muttered a silent thanks to whomever was behind this ingenious contraption, amidst gulps of ice cold water.

All of the sudden, I became aware of strange flashing lights.

Red & blue.

Busted? Was this some immaculate trap laid out by the police, to catch unsuspecting thirsty thieves before they made a run for it? Was one of the side-effects of drug use insatiable thirst?

As I contemplated making a run for it, I gazed towards the direction of the flashing lights to confirm my suspicion.

No patrol cars within the vicinity, only a strange shop.

A supplies shop. For fishing and hunting.

All of the sudden, a dim bulb brightened. This was no more than a clever ruse to advertise how this product can keep water ice cold for prolonged periods of time (it was night time at the time), thus explaining the presence of chains around the merchandise, to prevent people from carrying it off believing it was charity!

Case closed Watson. Strike it up to ingenious advertising!

Investigative Bloggerism: How to Trick the Ministry in Kuwait

Trickery and tomfoolery are traits that unfortunately run rampant within many an individual, blurring the line between right and wrong, offsetting morality in favor of some other personal factor, be it intrinsic in nature or, as most naturally is the case, monetary.

Since the turn of the new millennium, Kuwait has been facing a rising problem with congestion and traffic.

Kuwait, or rather, any country in the world, contains two major types of areas; Commercial & Residential.

What one is bound to understand from the terms “Commercial” and “Residential” is that residential areas are where a person resides, and commercial areas are where businesses are located.

From a monetary prospective, commercial entities pay more rent than residential, and require more in terms of infrastructure.

The following photo is an alarming trend occurring in Residential areas in Kuwait:


A container truck, in a residential area

A commercial truck of containerized goods  unloading its stored content. How is it here? Why? Here is the answer.

According to certain architectural sources, residential buildings in congested areas require the provision of underground parking in the blue prints, submitted to the Ministry to grant the building license. This is done and the “parking lot” is made, the surveyors ensure its presence before allowing the building to tap into the electricity and water grids.

What the Ministry does not follow up with however is how the landlord, hell bent on squeezing the last possible dime from this project, offers parking to the residents at much higher prices (for example, the rent is 230KD a month, with 40KD a month extra for parking) or even not offer it to residents at all. At which point, this empty space is converted into storage space, which is then sold to companies to further line the owners pocket with Dinar.

If there were surprise checks by government officials on these buildings, this incident would not occur, however, if companies are allowed to forgo paying a 100KD “fire-man fee” to ensure safety of elevators installed in their buildings, then I guess anything is possible.

Causes for concern include big trucks driving down roads that were not designed to facilitate, causing breakages and damage, which later disrupts traffic and could potentially damage vehicles in the area (especially if unaware of such breakages). Not to mention the traffic congestion brought about by including such big trucks amidst smaller cars.

There does not seem to be a fix for this in the foreseeable future.

How to Run Faster

Have you ever wanted to run faster? Has it proved a daunting task of monumental proportions?

Do not give up.

Self improvement is the ultimate key to all activity. Results are what drive us as humans to reach for our goals and then exceed them. Self improvement serves a spherical purpose, for in so achieving your goals of self improvement you are immediately presented with a new set of tougher goals to break through.

Now self improvement is 10% wishful thinking, and 90% effort. Without the effort, nothing will be achieved.

I have been running for the better part of 5 years now. I run distances and participate in races, I’ve done 10’s and 21’s and everything in between. My average speed however continues to disappoint me, especially when I compare it to that of others around me.

Take for example this route I have been running:

Do your running shoes play a factor in determining your speed? Of course they do, but just like any other tool, it is the skill with which you wield them that brings results. As you could see, my average speed was 10.5KM/H.

What was I doing wrong? The answer was my running mentality.

For a while I had forgotten that running was about challenging yourself, and was merely content to do the same distance at the same pace without trying to improve, thinking that by changing my running shoes I would miraculously start running faster.

There are no quick fixes in life.

The answer to the question of how to run faster is in two parts. The first we have covered, and that is challenging yourself to be better.

The second is simple. HIIT.

High Intensity Interval Training. It takes discipline to run a distance, it takes skill to run at a good pace.

HIIT basically means expend more energy during shorter runs.

The more adept runners will tell you that you need to employ 80% of your energy whilst running for 1 minute, then slow down and recover for 30 seconds, and lather, rinse, repeat.

Last I checked, I was not the Terminator, and my vision did not come with flashing bionic updates of time and energy expended. In theory, it is sound, however in application, it is easier said than done!

Checking my watch every 2 minutes was out of the question also, as that would damage the fun aspect of the run and turn it into a chore, which negates the purpose of running.

Why look at your watch every 2 minutes? Why do what others have been doing? We are all different.

So I improvised.

I realized running around the old campus of GUST on Tunis St. that the area was rectangular in shape, with two short sides and two longer sides.

I started off by running once around the place at a warm up pace, followed by running fast enough down the shorter sides that my stride was longer and my breathing more rapid, recovering along the long sides.

Half an hour into the endeavor, switch. Speed up down the long sides and recover in the short.

The result of this endeavor? Right here:

Average speed: 11.1KM/H.

There is nothing wrong with running the same track, so long as your mentality about it changes.

Challenge yourself.

With the right motivation, nothing is impossible.

Finish Line Theatrics @Q8CharityRun

For those of you that do not know, running is a sport that has something for everyone – for the self introspective it offers a time for contemplation, for the competitive, it offers bountiful wins, and for those that think themselves to be entertainers, or runnertainers, there is a little something as well.

Let us go back to the days of RunQ8, the charity run that took place earlier this year, as we recall, the following picture defined that race for yours truly:

the jump that set me on the path of runnertainment

At the 21K run however, there was no finish line on which to jump over, despite my inquiry from the organizers, however, since when would that be a deterrent?


And then of course, there are the rest of the pictures that made the Kuwait Charity Run a Run to Remember:

New Blog on the Block – Next Stop: Shahi’s Terminal

Are you stuck in a rut? Does everything feel boring and repetitive? Are you tired of a mundane existence and in need of adventure?

Will a visit to a never-before-been-to country serve to lift your spirits?

If the answer to all of the above was Yes! then feast your eyes on Kuwait’s newest blog: Shahi’s Terminal (link), where she promises you will find hints and tips on how to plan your next trip. You can also find ideas here for vacations, holidays and long weekend getaways that suit your every budget.

Feel free to pass by for a tailor-made, personalized trip based on your interests and budget.

The question right now is; what are you waiting for?

Ghazali Bridge (end of Route 60) to be Closed as of Today

Numerous signs along the Fourth ring road were alluding to the fact that Ghazali Bridge was in fact closed, however further inspection would lead one to find that the road was indeed still accepting traffic.

The reason being the signs were placed prematurely in order for people to take notice, as of sundown today the road will in fact be closed off.

You have been warned.


Theft at the @Sultan_Center

Never in all my years of shopping did this particular incident happen to me, until now.

Yesterday whilst stocking up on rations courtesy of our good friends at The Sultan Center, I fell victim to the strangest form of theft.

Trolley theft.

As I had just cleared the fruits and vegetable section, laden with my selections of “healthy” foods for my own consumption, I inconspicuously left my trolley to one side as I indulged in a bit of “free looking”, little did I know that my carefully selected goods would be no where to be found upon my return, as the entire trolley was uprooted from where I had left it, disappeared without a trace into the night.

Usually one would not lament the loss of a trolley unless it contained items which are based upon personal selection; was I to return to the fruits section and look through the apples I had deemed unworthy in order to restock my supply at home?

Never leave your shopping trolley unattended, for evil lurks around every corner.

Why Run?

A video by Kuwait’s own Adam Aesh, explaining why he chooses to run, may it serve to motivate the tired masses that prefer to sleep in on weekends rather than challenge themselves.

“Runners were people who went in straight lines going out of breath! Why would anyone do that, was beyond me. The activity seemed painstakingly boring, but at one point, I needed to switch certain habits with others, because you don’t simply rid yourself of addictions, you switch them, or so they say. So I picked up running as a way to vent things off, be it bad energy, a tough day, to meditate! (

Believe it or not), or give them feel-good hormones a stir. My very first run I remember was in a pair of adidas classics that had subjected me to all sorts of injuries, some of which may even still persist. It had also been during the midday sun (not that I’m encouraging you to do so), and I may have covered 3 to 4k that day! From that point on however, my journey started with being a runner and I never looked back.

Adam Ayesh

Adam took part in the 21K race last Saturday.

What to do when your Vehicle gets Impounded in Kuwait

With Kuwait recently breaking another world record, that for traffic related deaths on its streets, the MOI is actively pursuing reducing this alarming number.

The current scenario is as follows; you are driving your car along the streets of Kuwait, not a care in the world, you check your rear view and side view mirrors, you do not speed, you signal to take turns. All is right with the world.

All of the sudden, you are stuck in a long traffic queue, reasons unknown. As you slowly move forward, you realize the cause for this disturbance – a sturdiness checkpoint, set up by the police, whereby they proceed to ram the accelerator at full throttle, should your vehicle release any form of carbonic gas, you will be requested to hand over your license and follow the police car, along with other similar offenders in a sort of shame-chain, to which ever destination they so choose.

Upon arriving, you are requested to hand over your keys, at which point (or before) you are issued with a yellow traffic paper and asked to return to your place of work/ domicile.

Impounded cars are most likely to end up in one of the following locations (Depending on where the sting took place):

– Sabhan
– Amgarah
– Sharg
– Mina Abdulla
– Jabreya

Now comes the tough part. Firstly, any vehicle regardless of the year of its production will bellow out smoke if the accelerator is rammed full throttle, what the MOI should be doing is gauging the output under normal conditions via specialized equipment that is inserted into the tailpipe, much like a vehicular enema if you will:

Trust me, this image was found after a LONG, awful search

However, it is not for us to question how the MOI operate as most of the vehicles they request to test have been on the road for a very long time.

The point is, after this, you are required to do the following:

a) go within 2 days of having your vehicle impounded BACK to the place where you dropped it off.

b) there will be an office there where you will exchange the yellow traffic ticket for a printed out white sheet.

c) wait a day or so (3 tops) and go to the DMV which they inform you of in the previous step (or at the time your car was impounded) to pay the fine (most likely the one in Shuwaikh).

d) Head over to the DMV, pay the fine (15KD) and return with the receipt to release your vehicle, at which point you will be requested to have it show up for a retest, to ensure you fixed the problem.

You need to understand that the cogs of justice move ever slowly (especially since for every day’s detention, you are paying an additional 1KD or so on your vehicle for leaving it in their care), I personally witnessed the folly of attempting to finish this procedure off immediately, upon arriving at the DMV to pay the fine, you will be informed that the fine has not yet been entered onto the system, and will be requested to “come back tomorrow”. So spare yourself the hassle of leaving work every day, and just wait a few days.

And that is what you do.


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