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“People will turn gay in #Saudi if Female drive ban is lifted” Cleric says

Correlations are a fickle equation. Remembering mathematics from highschool and statistics in university, correlation is the effect of one variable (x) on another variable (y). A high positive correlation gives a positive relationship between x and y, for example the hotter the weather, the more water you drink.

A negative correlation however, means that two items have absolutely no effect on one another, say for example…


Saudi Arabia

A few excerpts:

The report warns that allowing women to drive would ‘provoke a surge in prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce’.

Within ten years of the ban being lifted, the report’s authors claim, there would be ‘no more virgins’ in the Islamic kingdom.

And it pointed out ‘moral decline’ could already be seen in other Muslim countries where women are allowed to drive.

Their report assessed the possible impact of repealing the ban in Saudi Arabia, the only country in the world where women are not allowed behind the wheel.

So your homework class is to decide whether there is a positive or negative correlation between the aforementioned factors. And please, try to be as objective as possible.

Some Day

Justice is Blind in Dubai

The phrase “Justice is Blind” has been around since the first written laws of man were established and continues to hold true to this very day.

For what kind of world do we live in where the act of documenting assault is more punishable than the actual physical act of assault itself?


Last week a video posted on YouTube showed a man assaulting a van driver. The man later turned out to be a Senior government official. In a bizarre twist of fate, the van driver is suing said official who in turn is suing the maker of the video! If that charge sticks then the video evidence would be circumstantial and would be dismissed, which would be a gross miscarriage justice.


The man who filmed an Emirati attacking an Indian in Dubai last week is still being held in custody, after being refused bail by Dubai Police.

The 22-year-old Indian is being held at Al Qusais police station, after the son of the Emirati filmed in the attack filed a complaint for defamation.

The Emirati has also since been arrested.

Under UAE law, the Emirati who assaulted the Indian van driver faces up to a year in jail or a maximum of fine of up to AED10,000 for minor assault, while the Indian motorist who filmed and uploaded the video faces a maximum of two years in jail or a fine of up to AED20,000 if convicted of filming without permission or defamation.


Good luck to Kuwait’s Triathletes: @Wadhalbader, @Q8Iron & Co.

In these trying times, a group of individuals have made their way to snowy Geneva to represent Kuwait at the ITU European Cup.

Join me in wishing them the best of luck!


Thank you Jafer Al-Ali for the Photo 😉

Cycle, Swim and Run your way to glory!

No jail space for Kuwait residence violators- temporary relief

The crackdown that commenced a few months ago has been put on temporary hiatus until there is enough jail space freed up to lock up the rest of the violators.


More than 600 people are in jail awaiting deportation to their countries.

In the meantime 1,000 sponsors of domestic workers have been punished for sponsoring workers and allowing them to work for others. They have also been banned from sponsoring more workers.

The authorities have also blacklisted 700 companies for trafficking in residence permits and the owners have been referred to the Public Prosecution.


Glad to see that both sponsor and sponsoree are being punished in this, albeit differently. If there were no traders in residency permits who are locals that establish ficticious paper companies to sponsor foreign workers by selling residency permits to them at high costs (from 800-1, 500KD) to bring them to Kuwait and allowing them to stay on to find actual employment at which point dome refuse to transfer the residency of the worker until they pay a secondary fee. That is the root cause of the residency violators.

Fattypuffs to Thinifers – Golden Opportunity for the Obese of Dubai

Dubai has a habit of making headlines, from its attempt to become the world hub for culture and entertainment, to its residents endless escapades to break world records, to the current hot water predicament a Youtube uploader has found themselves in, proving that خير تعمل شر تلقى,  as the Police dept. have now issued a warrant for the uploader of the infamous video depicting an Emirati official beating up an Indian motorist (link)  who was involved in a minor traffic accident with him and purportedly fled the scene (link).

Emirati official assaulting Indian Motorist


In its latest attempt to grab headlines, and also encourage a healthier population after the recent report pitting citizens of the Desert Oasis at an astonishingly high obesity rate, Dubai has turned itself into a reality show on a country scale, enticing the obese to shed the excess pounds for a chance to win Real Gold (link).

Dubai Municipality this week launched the month-long competition with Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

Those who lose a minimum of 2kg of weight will win 2g of gold, while the top three losers will each receive a gold coin worth AED20,000.

I wonder if Kuwait will partake in a similar undertaking, given that its population tipped the scale at being the country with the highest rate of obesity in the region?

Fattypuffs to Thinifers (André Maurois)

Fattypuffs to Thinifers (André Maurois)

And we’re back ladies & gentlemen!

Apologies to all for the recent blackout of mybloogle. Apparently no one is safe from cyber attacks and some tech-savvy pirate tried to rain on our parade on the eve of our anniversary.

Suffice to say we’re back online and ready to kick start a brand new year!

As is our motto; the best is yet to come!

MyBloogle: A Year of Personal Achievement

What has this year taught us? First and foremost, to be thankful for every cherished moment.

Tis the second Birthday of MyBloogle, and many thank you’s are in order.

(please ignore the image)

This post deserves more thought and dedications, especially to all who helped make this possible with their constant (almost bickering) grammatical corrections and highly needed motivation. However, given the time (12:45am) and the thought of work tomorrow, it is best to do this post “shoot style” and just speak from the heart.

This year has seen (me) the writer expand into more printed forms of media, where I was given an opportunity to talk of my experiences doing what I love to do; I spoke of my running group (link), I spoke of my first ever attempt at stand up comedy (link) (and also the video for those that haven’t seen it)

I even did my first interview (link), the rest of my printed achievements can be found (here), many thanks to Bazaar Magazine for giving me the opportunity to do so.

All these achievements could not have been possible without the continued support of a special group of friends who make up the majority of the Q8FootSoldiers. We were united through being the “6alabat Runners” and have since grown to be a rag-tag band of misfits-come-family. Without them my life would be plain, bland and a lot less extraordinary, so from the bottom of my heart I thank you (you know who you are!)

Just flip through the photographs (here) and spot the most recurring bunch, that is them.

Adam, AymanX2, Cris, Gigi, Nabeela, Noor, Sara, Vandana & Zainab (in alphabetical order!), thank you.

There is also an incident I forgot to mention that took place after the infamous Gangnam Style Dance after the Kuwait Charity Run this past November.

As I went to stand with a friend, who was standing with his friend, she asked if I were the writer of the blog with the “well written English” (thank you Wadha!)

I also wish to thank everyone that takes the time to write something in the “about me” section (link) and urge all to do the same, positive or negative, your thoughts matter, so do be outspoken about them 🙂

There have been many changes in my life, some shared through MyBloogle, others shared with a close circle of friends over a picnic, others yet to see the lights of the edit as they continue to roam about the catacombs of my mind, not finding the time to slip through my fingers and onto a page of white. Personally and professionally, it has been a journey of self discovery, with a lot more still to come. As always, we promise, the best is yet to come.

It has been a humbling journey and it is far from over, onward and upward as they say!

Once more, thank you.

Gluttony: thine name is Qatar

The Gulf is getting an unbelievably sour reputation over gastrointestinal issues as of late, what with A report this week by the United Nations finding populations in the Gulf having been rated as among the fattest in the world, with almost half of adults in Kuwait classed as obese.

Kuwait led the way with the highest proportion of obese adults in the GCC, with 42.8% falling into this bracket in 2008, followed by Saudi Arabia at 35.2%. In the UAE, 33.7% of the population were identified as having a serious weight problem, while in Qatar it was 33.1% and Bahrain 32.6%.

Gluttony is a Sin, especially during Ramadan

Gluttony is a Sin, especially during Ramadan

And now, Qatar follows suite, with this tragically comical headline:

Qataris hospitalized for overeating on first night of Ramadan


The mistake a lot of people make is they believe since they have been fasting all morning that they must make this up somehow, and over indulge in food. What they do not realize is that the food they usually eat during the day is expended during the chores of the day, walking around the office etc. whereas the food they consume at iftar during Ramadan sinks to the bottom of their bellies like a stone in the ocean, and then they are propped up on the couch watching Arab Soap Operas all night, whilst going to town on a plate of high caloric desserts.

وعلى رزقك افطرت

وعلى رزقك افطرت

Tis such a tragic shame that the Arab world has been reduced to overeating when millions around the world starve.


Kuwait Govt to consider forcing down Private Medical Fees

The Kuwaiti government is considering intervening in the private health sector to force providers to reduce their fees for medical treatment and services (link).



This may be seen as a great step, if it is followed through with. As most times with private medical facilities you pay just to open a file, a consultation can cost anywhere from the upward of 18KD, not including medicines, ex-rays etc.

Let us hope that this is true, expats will need a safety net.

Kuwait Ministry of Comm. Not yet studied Viber & Whatsapp

No plan to suspend ‘Viber,’ ‘WhatsApp’ in Kuwait.

The State Minister for Housing Affairs and Minister of Communications Salem Al-Utheina affirmed that the ministry has no intentions currently to suspend any Smartphone applications such as ‘Viber’ or ‘WhatsApp’, revealing that the ministry has not yet studied the matter. He said this on the sidelines of a reception party that he held on July 11 to receive the well-wishers of the advent of the holy month of Ramadan.

Shall we breathe a sigh of relief? Or hold our breaths for what is to come?

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