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Monthly Archives: August 2013

@SouqKuwait go the extra mile for customer satisfaction

It is amazing to see the initiative taken by certain individuals representing their companies in order to clarify customer misunderstandings and resolve issues in a timely, friendly and efficient manner.

In that regard I would like to stress that Souq.com go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

In my last post I mentioned an altercation that occurred with my latest souq.com purchase. Almost immediately after the post was published I received a tweet from them with a lengthy explanation to each and every one of my 3 issues.

At the moment the customer contact form is undergoing updates hence my initial complaint was delayed upon receipt.

As for my issues with the product, the charming rep informed me that that too would be quickly resolved.

Many thanks to souq.com for their follow up.

Let this be a lesson to customers and companies alike; speak your mind and listen to your customers.

Now if only the Kuwait municipality was as cooperative!

@SouqKuwait : Worst Customer Service EVER

According to the fundamental laws of business, the customer is always right.

In this electronic age of zeros and ones, companies must be extremely cautious in how they handle customer complaints.  The online universe has become a perfect platform to oust companies that fail to take complaints seriously.

Take for example the largest online vendor in the Arab world; souq.com

I have been purchasing from souq.com on a regular basis as their prices are often incomparable to store prices and they offer great discounts.

My dismay with them started two purchases ago; the same seller coincidentally – dod_q8.

The first purchase was a vehicle scratch remover that did nothing to remove any scratches from my vehicle.

The second and more important one however was this:


At 7KD it was a steal. Little did I realise I would be the one being stolen from.

As per the box received, two items that should be included were missing:


Item#1 - a manual


Item#2 and more important- Ab straps

Both items were not included in delivery, meaning the seller pocketed them or had previously opened all the goods. Moreover, one of the screws required to put the device together was faulty, compromising the integrity and safety of the device.

So, given that I received the item in the evening, I sent a formal complaint via email on Aug 21st. I was then informed via their auto response that I had to submit my complaint thru their website (including order# etc), which I did on that same night.

Fast forward to today and no response has been received or any interest shown from the side of souq.com

Suffice to say this is unacceptable behavior from a company the size of souq.com and it severely affects the possibility of me being a return customer or recommending them to anyone.

Has anyone else purchased the same item and found the same fault with it?

Lebanon & Saudi Arabia top the list of Most Powerful Arabs in the World

Every year ArabBusiness.com releases its annual Arabian Power 500 list (link) which highlights the most Powerful Arabs in the world during that year.

Now most people would look at the list and just jump straight to the head poncho, numero uno, who unsurprisingly enough is none other than Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal.

However, given that data analysis is my game, I decided to look at the list with a birds-eye-view, and draw the following table after copy-pasting all the data onto Excel and then forming a pivot table:

Most Influential Arabs 2013

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, to the untrained eye it would appear that Saudi Arabians are the Top in the Top 500 list, garnering 15% of the influential Arabs count. U.A.E comes in second, with Lebanon in 3rd place, Egypt in 4th and so on and so forth.

The countries mentioned in (brackets) are where the individual Arabian hails from, and the country next to that is where they currently reside (i.e. the location of the company which gave them prominence).

Therefore, a recount is required!

(add only the highlighted cells):


71 U.A.E nationals around the world


81 Lebanese Nationals around the world


Saudi Arabia

81 Saudi Arabian nationals around the world

In actual fact, Lebanon & Saudi Arabia are tied for first place, with 81 of their nationals in the Arabian Power 500. Saudi remains the land of opportunity for Saudi’s though!

The Pigs that walk among us


It has become an unfortunate, unhealthy phenomenon all around Kuwait. You see people all dressed up in their fancy clothes, with their fancy hair and their fancy phones, driving their fancy cars and acting all fancy and yet, you can put all the make up you want on a pig, in the end, it is still a pig.

MLF miss piggy make-up

And why are they pigs? They are guilty of committing the gravest offence known to modern-day homo sapiens; Littering.

Kuwait has it better than most countries in that whenever you are walking down the street, you are sure to not be far from a trash receptacle. And yet, many a times you find people carelessly tossing their garbage in the middle of the street, sometimes from moving vehicles, sometimes from parked vehicles, sometimes whilst walking and even sometimes when speaking to someone.

To me, littering is the same as taking a dump in public:

dump Do the environmental thing; do NOT litter.

RUSH HOUR Kuwait: The Return

Woe is we!! The golden age is coming to an end! Already Facebook is abuzz with teachers sharing horror stories of their red-eye return flights from all across the globe,
congregating on the little desert oasis known as Kuwait. You know what that means.

The working stiffs a.k.a the Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Auditors, Chefs, Accountants, Agents etc. Have been in a state of Euphoria these past few summer months. Have you seen the traffic lately? Or more importantly the lack thereof?


Yes. The morning commute to work has never been easier than these past few months. The little cretins and their wardens the definite cause of backlog and deadlock of traffic. I start work at 8AM, nowadays I am literally leaving my house at 7:50AM and arriving on time (I live in Hawally and drive to Sharq). I wake up at 7:30AM!!

Alas, the dream is now soon to fade as the following 3 words act as harbingers of woe and dismay:


Yes, the streets shall soon return to chaos as flustered parents drive their hooligans, I mean precious little angels, to their holding cells,I mean school on the way to work. Now I will have to wake at 6:30 to leave for work by 7, and remain stuck in traffic for all the minutes in between.

In essence, the return to this:


As you can deduce, the brunt of the traffic problem is caused in large part due to schools being smack dab in the middle of densely populated residential areas. Coupled with some parents (and drivers) aloofness and total lack of discipline and morals, blocking traffic to disembark and acompany their children/wards into the school premises.

And what was the response when the people requested a reduction in number of schools in one of the most densely populated areas (Hawally) with over 15 schools of various curricula housed within it’s already cramped streets?

Simply find out where the new location of The English Academy is.

One reason to Hate Carrefour

Of all the stunts a hypermarket can pull to extremely disappoint its loyal customer base; ignoring them repeatedly takes the cake.

At the start of the health revolution where it was clearly stated that breakfast is THE most important meal of the day, and given how Nestlé fitness dominated and monopolized the market with its high priced brand, one product came to the rescue.


It tasted AMAZING. And the price was even more amazing. Unfortunately, all good things sadly come to an end. And for some annoying reason unbeknownst to me, this magical product magically disappeared from the stock shelves.

Oh it was subtle at first. They would run out of stock frequently. Then they jacked the price up from 850fils to 1.250KD. And people still bought it.

Then the well dried up.

My only question is why? I asked management via the complaint form and no response still.

Nerd Advice: Never leave the Cinema before ending credits

Time is money. You pay money to enter the cinema to watch movies. Therefore it is important to get your money’s worth.

The title of this post holds especially true for all superhero movies that are released by Marvel Entertainment.

The Wolverine proves no exception.


*possible spoiler depending on your vision and understanding*


One of my all time favourite pass times is to pay tribute to Marvel, the geniuses that gave us Spiderman and the Avengers, by making it a habit to enlarge their revenues thru watching their movies on the big screen (everything else is relegated to dvdrip download unless really cinema-worthy, Marvel get a pass every time).

My cinematic endeavors all bear similar traits; book ticket online for Monday (after 6pm); always choose Mohalab as I am extremely lazy in that I do not wish to drive to any cinema and endure the hassle of traffic and parking, so instead I prefer to walk 2KM there and 2KM back.

I have a habit of talking to myself out loud during screening, sometimes its more audible than I wish but I’ve never been in a position where it caused me any hassle. Except yesterday. I always go for the seat at the far end of the aisle  so as not to be confused with being part of a raucous crowd of bachelor’s, it would also usually mean I get an empty seat to my side so I can exclaim to my hearts delight. Usually whoever sits next to me chooses to ignore me, this time however the guy seated next to me picked up my giggly exclamation of ‘Holy $*** that’s Jean Gray!’, and they lol’d. I was not expecting that from a guy dressed in traditional Kuwaiti garb at the movies. No sir.

He would keep paying attention to my comments, understanding that I’m a fan of the X-Men universe. Afterward we shook hands and he goes, ‘you really love Jean Gray!’ (Famke Janssen in lingerie, what’s not to like?!) But I was just surprised at seeing a familiar face.

So imagine my utter surprise at the end of the closing credits.

True comic nerd tip, especially for Marvel movies, and even no marvel movies (fast & furious franchise?) Always stick till after the credits. You shan’t be disappointed!

(Although Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four proved exceptions).

Ramadan in Review

This post was MEANT to be posted during the last days of Ramadan; no time like the present!



Alas, all that is good must come to an end, and here we are at the gates of the final 10 days of Ramadan, as the Arabic saying goes, the last 10 days are عتق من النار or our salvation from eternal damnation.

How has this Ramadan passed?

For starters, one feels much lighter. Every year we lecture ourselves about how we shall not over indulge in iftar, ghabka or suhoor, and every year we find ourselves panting away like a walrus flipped on its back unable to set itself right. From a religious standpoint, overindulgence in food is in itself a sin, which during Ramadan should be forsaken, as it sets the tone for the coming battles in our every day lives. In addition, this year I managed to add a minimum of 4K runs on a daily basis to compensate for the lack of Q8FootSoldier activity (i.e. 22KM on a Friday morning), which also helped to keep the gut in check.

Lesson one: know your limits.

Secondly, much time was spent in the mosque, at the preferred spot in the first row behind the Imam. I found out that the secret to getting that spot is to leave the house 10 minutes prior to the A’than, which makes a world of difference, giving one more time to read the Quran as an added bonus.

Lesson two: always think ahead, and get an early start.

Third; as much as possible I held my tongue when angered. As much as possible I said, I am no saint. Yet we become aware of how we exercise self control in our most basic of emotions, anger, when we attempt to hold it at bay.

Lesson three: think before you speak.

Fourth; regardless the amount of time we spent asleep, work is work. Whether you attend all of the Tara’weeh prayers, and pray Fajr in the mosque, come time for work you find yourself energized out of a passion that swells within at absorbing a new found job and testing the limits of your potential.

Lesson four: العمل عبادة i.e. work is also a form of devotion to God.

Four important lessons that will continue to be carried through the days and serve as guiding compasses for the future.

What lessons did you take away?

Early Bird Police at Marina Beach Kuwait

Not quite sure what exactly was going down, from our (the Q8FootSoldiers) vantage point in the grass by the road, we saw two cop cars pull up towards the beach.


Four cops got out, shook hands with man dressed in a blue shirt (a normal beach goer) and then proceeded to have a conversation with 4 youths.


I applaud the efforts of the police. However honesty this area needs around-the-clock surveillance. Security guards do not offer any security whatsoever. Many a girl and woman are constantly harassed and annoyed by rowdy males (of all ages, not just youths) in the stretch of path from the start of marina beach till hard rock cafe.

Good effort, more is needed.

Prudence in Social Media

The age old adage of think before you speak is in need of an update, in this world where word travels faster than the speed of sound.

It is all too easy to simply hit ‘share’ or ‘retweet’ depending upon which form of social media you are particularly addicted to.

Unfortunately however we live in the age of deception; we are the photoshop generation. Unfortunately it has not only stopped at the tailoring of images. This day, even words are being fabricated to distract the masses, educated or otherwise, feigning them to believe a certain word was said by some one, or tweeted.

Take this following example; given the recent tragic events in Egypt, Vice President and nobel laureate Dr. Mohammed ElBaradei resigned from his post in protest of the events that transpired yesterday. He had publicly stated he was against forceful of eviction of protesters regardless of how non-peaceful they were.

All of the sudden this tweet pops up on the news feed of Facebook:


At first glance it would seem legitimate. The account name is correct,  even the little verified mark is right there.

However, looks can be deceiving.

First red flag is the way its written. Being a follower of a ElBaradei one is aware of how he speaks, and that is not it.

Second, what kind of person takes to twitter, a person with a high position in the government, and speaks as such? Outwardly claiming that the Armed Forces Chief is in cahoots with former president Mubarak?

Last but not least, the official twitter feed of the actual account; notice no activity has taken place in 3 days.



Please think before you share people. It is actually a crime to even retweet a post that is offensive nowadays. With this you merely fuel ignorance and hatred.

We need to start exercising proper judgement in social media.

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