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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Juman Residential Complex starring Nitin Mirani


Luxury living has a new address in Kuwait.




The comedian Nitin Mirani kick started the launch event.

If you’re looking for an expensive, exclusive accommodation, this place is for you.


Kuwait Sports Events Expo- Prognosis: Needs Improvement @q8sportsevents


Today marks the first day of the KSE expo; after spending around 20 minutes there, we came to the conclusion that it was absolutely useless.

There is an apparent ignorance in the sports field in Kuwait as to the meaning of the word ‘marathon’, specifically the distance. I was looking forward to signing up for the 642 marathon, however the name turned out to be misleading. It had a max of 21KM, not 42.

All the sporting events participating in the expo have been established in Kuwait already (apart from the 642). So it would seem the whole event was made for the Battle of the East crossfit event, which had the best stand by far.

A sports expo would be very useful in a country like the UAE, where the majority of the Gulf sports event take place.

What would have been better is if we started having more races in Kuwait and that they would have used the sports expo to launch such events.

All the other races, the North Face Challenge, RunQ8 etc. Already do their own social media advertising when the race date beckons.

And a message to the organisers;  make sure you take everyone’s opinion when conducting a survey :), so should a runner be strategically misplaced amongst two giant football players,  despite being touted as a runner by said football players, do ask for his opinion too.

RunQ8, November 2nd. See you there.

Support Children’s Rehabilitation in Kuwait


All people are created equal in the eyes of God. However some are tried and tested differently than others. The very things you take for granted, such as the ability to walk, to get out of bed, to speak, to see, to hear etc. May be what some wish, hope and dream for.

How can one give hope to the hopeless and help dreamers achieve their hearts desire?

Through charity; and what better charity than the Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute:


Their Director of Operations would like to let you know that last year’s runners’ registration fees are being utilized to provide one year of comprehensive care currently to a child who has sustained severe injuries as a result of a traffic accident. Without your contributions last year, this child would have been unable to access the care


This November 2nd RunQ8 returns to the streets of Salmiya. Bring your friends, your wives,  your children, your pets, your bicycles, your skates. Everything. It will be an amazing morning.

For more information and to register please click on the following link.

Q8footSoldiers Calling out Camp Arifjan Kuwait

Kuwait is a county slowly making an appearance on the global race landscape, with 2 established races, one of which is a half marathon. The only thing missing is a full, professional marathon. Like the one being organised by Camp Arifjan for the 28th of September.

The shadow run takes place this month (link), it is a marathon that will be run (literally) simultaneously to the Akron Marathon.

Here are 300 reasons why the Q8FootSoldiers should be running this marathon as well:

1)      If the main reason of the run is to offer a morale boost to the troops, allowing non-military runners to participate is the perfect way to get that community feeling.

2)      Non-military runners can be used as comparative yard-sticks to gauge the performance of the 300 army runners.

3)      The Q8FootSoldiers are an established running group in Kuwait that was featured in Bazaar Magazine (link).  One of the members ran 250KM over 3 days and also leads BootCamp Kuwait.

4)      Friendly competition: the 300 runners live together, eat together and train together. Adding an external flavor to the mix will make for good competition.

5)      You already have 300 runners, an extra 2 or so will not hurt.  You can even make it a BYOBD (Bring Your Own Bottle [of Water] and Dates [the kind that grow on trees])

6)      You can blindfold the non-military runners and take them to the race location, much to your enjoyment (as well as theirs).

7)      More runners = more fun.

8)      We’re not really Soldiers as our name suggests, it’s just a moniker. We do have discipline however in waking up early to go for runs.

9)      It would be a great PR Stint to show local support for to the Ohio Army National Guard’s 371st Sustainment Brigade.

10)   Reasons 10 – 300; why not? 🙂

So if you think this can happen, get in touch with us! We’re available via Facebook Page (link), Twitter (link) or right through this very blog.

Regardless of what comes of this, it would be an honor to run such a marathon and show support.

So keep that in mind 😉

(Please RT this to get the attention of Camp Arifjan)

McDonald’s buys out Mercedes!

Only in Kuwait can such a rare spectacle in the business world occur, whereby a Multinational fastfood chain buys out a Multinational luxury brand automobile manufacturer.

Or in this case, their prime location in Salmiya!

Yes, many of us that grew up in Kuwait are familiar with “Old Salmiya” as being the first place we had to congregate and enjoy our time; whether it was at the pool tables of Monte Carlo or later, The Joker, which conveniently happens to be right across the street from the New McDonald’s location.


Proof of the area’s posh allure remains in the form of the Rolex outlet still visible in the picture above.


Sadly, where once one could go to stand and longingly glance at cars they could never afford, now one will stand and hungrily gaze at burgers easily affordable to everyone (unless you count ’em by the calories, then you cannot afford ’em!)


And there you have it folks; people would rather eat unhealthy than ride in luxury!

Effective advertising; Saudi style

In the animal kingdom, color plays an important role in the dance of attraction; flowers display brightly colored petals to attract bees, who in turn become carriers of pollen, helping the plan to reproduce.

The following vehicle was seen at Marina Mall:


Granted the colors may not be as clear (shocking is more like it) in pixel form as they were to the naked eye, however please believe me when I say this is a flaming pink Mercedes.

Now normally, this would not cause one to bat an eye, as one would immediately assume the car belongs to some 20-30 something chick with a penchant for hello kitty merchandise, pink paraphernelia and loudly chewing bubble gum.

However, then kicks in the mind of an internal auditor, who is myself, as I noticed the licence plates for this specific vehicle were not local; they were Saudi Arabian (again, this cannot be seen in the picture but for the sake of journalistic integrity, you will have to take my word for it).

Last time I checked, women were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Effective advertising!

Cycling safety in Kuwait

Let’s face it; Kuwait is not the safest country in the world when it comes to cyclists, or pedestrians, or even drivers on the road for that matter! I digress, let us return to the issue at hand, and that is cyclist safety.

Ever since the inception of the Q8CycleCavaliers, the matter of safety has dawned upon me; how can you ride with a group and not provide them safety?

Have a look at the following map of a recent route I took, solo:


There are 2 main roads which I crossed that would appear quite daunting to most; the 4th Ring Road, and the monster route 30.

To any that think me suicidal, allow me to defend myself with 3 words: Pedestrian Bridges & Tunnels!

Yes, these miracles of modern architecture are a godsend to pedestrians, runners and cyclists alike; they offer a safe route across treacherous black seas of tarmac and steel covered madmen and women dashing at break-neck speeds.

Always plan your rides in such a way as to maximize the benefit received from these.

Also, timing is important; for example, when riding early in the morning, you can for the most part be on the actual road (i.e. Gulf Road) on the far right side, as opposed to being upon the sidewalk, and be hassle-free. This is not always the case when the sun goes down and the speed-freak emerge from their slumbering hibernation.

Be sure to join us tomorrow for our weekly cycle-ride!

Follow the updates for such rides via Twitter (here) or Facebook (here).

Understanding Islam: What does Jihad really mean?

Ever since September 11, 2001, the world has changed its view on Islam. The truth of the matter is a minority of the followers of Islam decided to send messages to the world via terror and violence. Xenophobia became Islamophobia was born, and a hatred of Arabs in general and Muslims in particular swept through a world already wrought with trepidation for all things foreign.

If you ask any foreigner or non-Arab speaker what does Jihad mean, the first thing they will reply to you is, “holy war”, killing of innocents, Islamic ideology.

However, none of these descriptions hold any accuracy to the word Jihad.


 Jihad, or جهاد in Arabic, is a word meaning to strive, to struggle. It is also a name used for both males and females.

Jihad is NOT a terrorist term.

Education is the first step toward eradication of prejudice, stereotype and hatred.

0.0048% of Kuwait would rather live on Mars

The heat and dust have finally gotten to a small minority of the population that want to call it quits, pack up their bags, throw on their astronaut suits and head straight towards the Red Planet (by 2023).

According to Countrymeters.info (link) the current population of the Desert Oasis known as the State of Kuwait is billed at 2 948 719, of which, a measly 142 persons opted for the Mission to populate Mars (link).


Those hoping to find the following on Mars will be hugely disappointed:

red avatar



You are however most likely to find this little rascal:


You will remember that a short while ago, it was announced that a space exploration group was seeking volunteers for a one-way trip to Mars. That search has come to fruition as nearly quarter of a million earthlings put their names down for this epic journey. Amongst them were hopefuls from our very own Gulf Region, with the majority coming from Saudi, Qatar, then Kuwait and finally the U.A.E.

Well, I guess all we can say is….

images (2)

Yet another accident this morning on the 4th Ring Road


This is not a repost; here you have yet another accident on the 4th Ring Road, at 730AM on the side heading towards Salmiya.

Judging by the angles of the cars in question, it was quite the collision.

When will people on the opposite side, accident free, stop pausing to stare at the accident and causing a bottleneck?

If you view an accident that is on the opposite side of you, please just drive away normally without inciting any panic by halting to watch.

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