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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Running into Kuwait’s Fashion Police

The National & Liberation day celebrations have come and gone, and as we all dry ourselves off it is pertinent to recall where and how we celebrated these pivotal days in the history of Kuwait. Most will say they spent it gallivanting up and down the Gulf Road spraying water on anything or anyone that moved.

This however is how me and 2 friends celebrated the day of the 25th, by running 25KM on the Gulf Road, at risk of bewetting:


Running 25KM on February 25th

Every special day deserves a special outfit, and I saw it fit to break out the running costume I’d planned to debut at RunQ8;


The fully functional 'Flash' costume!

Yes ladies and gentlemen; a fully functioning flash costume that serves a proper aid to running – being compression wear.

Now, we were not spared the water fray. On the contrary,  we represented moving targets. However even the police took their turn poking fun at us; it all happened at the intersection of 3rd Ring Road with the Gulf Road, my friend and I were waiting for our other friend to catch up when suddenly we were approached by cops (me specifically) who asked a) what are we doing & b) what was I wearing.

At this point I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I was not the most ridiculously dressed person on the Gulf Road at that time.

The officer paraded me before his friends where I had to try to explain the concept of compression running gear. In the end I understood the cop mistook me for impersonating this character made popular on Melody Hits TV:


I can see the striking resemblance …. it is uncanny. He then asked about the lightning bolt on my chest, and I tried explaining the concept of the Flash, only to end up saying:

I’m Harry Potter.

A Sporty celebration on Feb 25?

25KM run/cycle on the Gulf Road this Tuesday? Join us!

The holidays are approaching; and for all those “left behind” (due to a multitude of reasons such as delayed booking and lack of proper funding); why miss out on the fun?

We (so far mostly just me) are planning a 25Km run/cycle from Marina Mall to souq sharq and back.

The roads will be packed; there will be danger lurking in every corner with water guns everywhere.

There will be no medals or tshirts, just a guarantee of a good time (albeit wet!)

So if you’re interested, do let us know via here.

Kuwait’s Rat Infested Beach Front!

Kuwait is slowly facing a rising endemic that is poised to threaten all fun activities on the beach front from Salmiya to Sharq; and that is the presence of street rats on the beach front.

not this type of street rat!

not this type of street rat!



Disease carrying rodents.

As a runner/cyclist in Kuwait, I enjoy spending most of my sports time on the Gulf Road. Last month, whilst running the stretch from Marina Mall to the 3rd Ring Road on the island in the middle of the Gulf Road (the one being decorated with white stones), I was shocked to find a tiny mouse running alongside me! At first I wrote it off as a single occurrence, crossing the street to the other side only to be greeted by its larger, greyer cousin – the rat, amongst the rocks near the beach.

Rat infested beach

Yesterday night however, whilst cycling the route above, on a busy Friday night with people picknicking (and some illegally BBQing) along the beach, I came to know of the rising problem that is the rats. I am not sure whether people were just oblivious, or chose to ignore them, but in the garden area near Fridays, a rat ran by my bike, attempting to climb over it! Which lead me to yell out obscenities in astonishment amidst the family friendly area.

What really was bewildering was how everyone went about their activities without a care in the world! Families dined, children played, lovers frolicked in a disgusting display of public affection in the shadier areas, and all the while, the rats ran amok.

In the end, we have no one to blame but ourselves for this; for it is the people’s inability to clean up after themselves that sprung these disease ridden rodents out. It is through our refuse that they find their sustenance, and multiply at exponential rates.

Litterers should be heavily fined, and the area should be under more constant supervision in order to enforce such laws. The only police car in the area was parked near Green Island, where people had proceeded to park on the sidewalk despite sufficient parking spots being available.

It is time to act before it is too late.

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