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The Importance of the Second – 99.7 RKFM experience

Good morning Kuwait!

If you are just tuning in, you missed the breakfast show with Tee, Acki & George Tarabay and their guests for the morning; Q8FootSoldiers & MyBloogle! (wrapped up in one suited, unruly haired individual known as me).


Yes today we got an opportunity to cross off one item from the bucket list – and that is to be on live radio talking about two topics that are very close to heart – running and blogging.


During the first hour we covered the topic of Q8FootSoldiers, the makeshift running group that sprung up in Kuwait initially as a motivation to get runners to post their stats in Kuwait when they run solo, but then It grew to encompass group running, recipe sharing and an overall healthy approach to an active lifestyle.

The second hour was dominated by blogging; the online version of reality television. How to grab and keep readers attention. We were asked what makes Mybloogle stick out as compared to other blogs that have higher viewership and followers, it all comes down to content. Your content is your key. Post a great article once, and you can follow with a video or a picture and a short caption about why you found it interesting, do that all the time however, and you become a run-of-the-mill plagiarist.

I love running. And blogging. And writing. As a matter of fact, most of the inspiration for my writing comes during my runs, so it is a sort of circle of life, Mufasa fights Scar, Simba rules the pride sort of thing.

The feeling of being behind a microphone live and having several people listen to you is astounding, a strict mental effort had to be in place to prevent the blurting out of “I love you Mom!” on the airwaves. Upon arrival we were given the quick 1-2 in terms of how to talk into the mic; green means talk, red means stop and yellow is held down for coughing (too bad there wasn’t a button to ask for water, my throat was dry and I was parched from yesterday’s 20K run I did to get in the zone for the first hour of today!), which I proved too slow to hit as some coughing fits came faster than others.

What is amazing about being on the radio is that you learn to appreciate the importance of time. At work we all spend the whole day wishing the hours would pass quicker, whereas with the radio, every. Second. Counts. There are timers and gizmos everywhere, on the wall, on the PC, in programs etc. that are perfectly synced in unison to each other.

Every second counts.


I grew up listening to the breakfast show, to get the chance to be a guest on the show was an opportunity of a lifetime that was thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you George!

The Curse of the #WorldCup Champion #Spain #Brasil #FIFA #2014

It is true what they say, the champions of the world are cursed.

In order for a curse to be proven as a trend, it must recur several times over the course of history.

The Cautionary tale of Champions

Let us go back to the year 1998; the world cup was held in France, and the final saw the returning champions (for the last time) taking on the host nation, Brazil lost that day.

Since that fateful world cup, a new curse, a Brazilian Samba Curse, was cast upon whomsoever would be crowned champion of the coveted world sport of Football, he who wins the cup shall face bitter defeat in the qualifying rounds of the next world cup.

One Cup to Rule them All

It would make sense that the curse be of Brazilian origin as they were denied the feat of winning the cup two tournaments in a row.

Let us look at the stats to support this trend:

France beat Brazil in 98. They failed to qualify and were taken out early during the tournament.

Brazil beat Germany in 2002. They failed to qualify past the 16 round in 2006.

Italy beat France in 2006. They failed to qualify past the 32 round in 2010.

And now, the worst of all affected, Spain. The Matadors. Dealt the worst defeat in World Cup History. Not only were they shellacked by their finals rivals The Netherlands at 5 – 1 to make up for the finals of 2010, they failed to win their second match, alienating them from advancing past the round of 32.

Tis true, fame is a fickle friend.

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