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Monthly Archives: August 2014

2 out of 5 Divorces in Kuwait caused by Kuwaiti Women

Statistics. Stories told in numbers. If a picture has the ability to paint a thousand words, then numbers have the ability to paint two thousand.

Look at the table below:

Kuwaiti Marriage Statistics

source (link)

The table quantifies the number of marriages between Kuwaiti’s, as well as Kuwaiti men and non-Kuwaiti women and Kuwaiti-women with non-Kuwaiti men.

The percentages are shocking; 1 in 5 marriages of a Kuwaiti man to a Kuwaiti woman ended in divorce. Also, 1 in 5 marriages of Kuwaiti women to non-Kuwaiti men ended in divorce (the percentage is a bit higher than 21%).

Meaning; if you construct a Venn diagram, the common factor in these two major divorce categories is … the woman.

Marriages of Kuwaiti men to non-Kuwaiti women however have the lowest divorce rate; less than 15%.

Now of course it is important to realize that past performance is no indication of future results.

It is a sad realization to look at marriage, what started off as an amazing union with such potential, as nothing more than a statistic in black and white. The bottom line is people are getting married for all the wrong reasons.

Be the difference.

@NBKpage has a sense of humor!

It is very gratifying this day in age to find a large corporate giant with a sense of humor, in this cutthroat era we live in.

During last Ramadan, the holiest of holy month’s in the muslim calendar, I was in the middle of performing a piece of advice learned from the greatest investment guru of our time, Warren Buffet, which goes, “do not spend then save, save then spend”. To do that, I transfer a portion of my monthly salary to a different account whose card I keep locked away.

Now, my main account is with NBK, and the money transfer page requires a reason to be inputted for the transfer. I have been doing this for a long time now, and got quite fed up with the whole process, so to spice it up, I inputted the following in the 3 lines given for reason for transfer:

Line 1: Drugs and Alcohol

Line 2: Do you even read this?

Line 3: seriously?

Happy with my joke, I went about my daily business without a care in the world after clicking send. A few days later, I receive a call from NBK inquiring about my recent transfer (the one for drugs and alcohol, during Ramadan!) The conversation went as follows:

NBK: sir did you transfer money to an account in Kuwait recently?

Me: yes, I did.

NBK: Can you tell me reason why you transferred the money for? Do you remember?

Me: err… not really no.

NBK: (proceeds to read the EXACT phrases entered).

Me: You actually read that? (Laughter on both ends)

NBK: please do not write this again sir or else the Central Bank will flag your account. we cancelled the same transfer.

Me: duly noted.

NBK: have a nice day sir.

So there you have it! they do read and it is important.

How GI Joe saved me from an accident in Kuwait

This morning I bore witness to an accident on the 4th ring road that sent tires squealing and bumpers colliding.

Had it not been for GI Joe, I would most probably have been the victim of the crash, as opposed to lucky #4 that stopped in the nick of time and avoided a rear-end collision with lucky #3 who also avoided a rear end collision, #2 however was not so lucky.

This story started a long time ago; Having wanted to watch what really happened to Serpentor and how Cobra Commander was reinstated, I finally decided to watch the aftermath of the GI Joe movie (the animated one that came out in 1987) – the dragon fire episodes. Fortunately I had the series on my hard-drive, and decided to spend 20 minutes finding out what happened (I had initially started watching these episodes on KTV2 after coming back home from school in 1994).

Knowing I would be late for work, I still drove carefully, speeding up only when there was plenty of space available to do so. It was before the Surra bridge that something not so out of the ordinary happened; I was cut off by a white Lexus speeding on my right and barely fitting itself between me and the car ahead. I took offence to this action and started blurting out expletives in the confines of my vehicle with no gesticulation (which I believe is still legal). It was then that things took a turn for the worst, as we ascended the bridge after Surra, I spotted 2 cars ahead of me a navy blue crown Victoria suddenly thrust to the right, then immediately thrust back to the left lane; the driver lost control of the vehicle and it ended up turning a full 90* and horizontally taking up the left and middle lanes, colliding with a Honda from the front right side of the fender. Having not heard the grisly sound of metal on metal, I assumed that the damage was minimal. The car before me swerved to the right, braking hard, and I did the opposite, taking the left side and coming to a halt, fortunately there were no speeders catching up to me which kept me safe from a rear-end collision.

What is interesting is that I immediately saw a police officer on the scene. I thought this was strange since I did not hear or see sirens. It was only after joining the moving crowd that I realized there was a car parked in front of the navy blue crown Victoria.

Care to hazard a guess what it was?

Come on, think harder.

Yes. It was the white lexus that cut me off.

Apparently they pulled the same stunt, speeding up on the right and overtaking to the left suddenly, without warning or indication. This move caused the driver of the navy blue crown Victoria to suddenly swerve right to avoid being collided into, at which point they found a slower moving vehicle, so to avoid a rear-end collision with them, they swerved back to the left side erratically, losing control of the vehicle and having it fishtail in the middle of the road.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

All that is wrong with Kuwait in one picture

They say a picture paints a thousand words; how many words can you find in the following photo depicting all that is wrong with society in Kuwait? reply in comments:


Mobiles are made to be Broken #Samsung #Nokia #HTC #LG #iPhone

Consumerism and materialism have taken a heavy toll on the retail industry. Whereas once upon a time products were built to last, nowadays they made to fall apart in order to encourage consumers to rebuy, renew and release more money into corporate fat pockets.

Case in point, this lightbulb has been lit for 110 years (http://www.centennialbulb.org/).

However, let us take an object that has become indispensable from our lives and pockets; our mobile phones. Everyone remembers the good ol’ Nokia 3310, hard enough to crack a sidewalk if accidentally dropped. Battery life 7-14 days.

Take a look at today’s phones. My Samsung Galaxy S3 has a problem with its USB port; crucial for recharging, which I do on a daily basis. It is in need of repair, and by that I mean it has to be changed. I had to rely on my old phones for alarms to wake up in the morning – a Nokia N97 and HTC Desire HD. And here is what I realized, both these phones I had for prolonged periods of time, and yet both are fully operational and never once complained of inability to charge nor required anything more than a format to fix any issues with them.

We are truly living in an age where our worth is measured by our ability to feed corporate Globia with our hard earned cash in order to kill the idea of identity and satisfy the insatiable appetite of consumerism.

Is it possible to break the chain?

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