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Monthly Archives: March 2015

@Cinescapeq8 and the Family Seating Fiasco

The cinema is a wonderful place to be; so many movies have an added taste when viewed on the big screen.

However, thanks to the archaic laws of Cinescape Kuwait (KNCC), the art of enjoyment is thoroughly lacking.

I am talking about their segregated seating policy.

Don’t get me wrong; I am aware we are in a Muslim country that dictates certain decorum, however, in its essence, this rule is outdated at best.

However, assuming that families really do want their privacy, IT SHOULD NOT BE FROM OTHER FAMILIES!

Case in point, yesterday I decided to take my wife to the movies, as always I book my tickets in advance to select my seat and save me a buttload of hassle. Having been going to the cinema as a bachelor for a long time I felt a sense of entitlement to finally book seats in the family section. That would not transpire however because of this:

stupidity of cinescape


“You must have atleast two vacant seats beside your seat in the family section”

what kind of stupid, moronic rule is that?! As you can see, there is a stalemate in the family section in this particular screen because once you select the middle seats, the entire row is closed off. If that is the case, and the entire point of the family section is to allow ONE FAMILY (of 2) to occupy an entire row all unto themselves, then by all means, go ahead and keep the stupid rule.

However, if your aim is to sell tickets, then this is by far the most detrimentally moronic rule I have ever come across, and I know a thing or two about moronic rules.

Many a time, actually, every time I try to book a ticket since I became a “family man”, I have been forced to select seats in the bachelor section, due largely in part to the stupidity of the rule above whereby my selection of seating would be extremely limited.

Not saying that there is anything wrong with sitting with bachelors, however, families tend to be quieter.

KNCC really need to get their act together and update this rule.

Why Whatsapp Calling will not work for you now

A lot of people are wondering why the whatsapp calling function is not working for them.

At first, it was thought to be a region thing, a ban on VoIP. However, tis not the case in the desert paradise of Kuwait.

So what gives? Why is it not working?

A quick google search shows that in order to get whatsapp calling activated on your phone, you need to receive a call from someone with whatsapp call function enabled.

You also needed to have the latest version of whatsapp installed on your phone.

In addition, you should be Android, as iOS is giving the calling functionality a spot of trouble.

However, even if you accomplish all of the above, you will still NOT get whatsapp calling to work.


Here is the official reason:

Screenshot_2015-03-28-22-21-05 (1)

I contacted Whatsapp with screenshots and the likes, their response was the function is in Beta and they are not adding any more users currently.

So, lets wait and see.

Clickbaiting – How to not get Reeled in

In this digital world of 0’s and 1’s, the English language is ever evolving and adding new words to its already burgeoning lexicon.

Take for example clickbaiting.

Which is as the name suggests:


Clickbaiting is the process by which a title appears on your newsfeed, or on a page you are reading, that draws your attention to the point where you must click it to find out.

To put it into perspective, the following represents the Harry Potter series titles if they were told as clickbait ads:

  • Crazy But True… This Man Will Do ANYTHING To Live Forever!
  • You Won’t Believe This Bathroom’s Incredible Secret
  • How Did One Man Escape Azkaban? The Answer Will Blow Your Mind
  • Uh-Oh! Here’s One Enchanted Goblet Mixup You CAN’T Miss
  • These Kids’ Reactions To Their New Teacher’s Rules Is Inspiring
  • Is It Cheating? One Student’s Trick To Acing Potions Class
  • 7 Objects You Didn’t Know Contained Pieces Of The Dark Lord’s Soul

Now, there are two types of clickbait – benign and malicious. Some websites that employ clickbait style titles do so to drive up readership (and in turn ad revenue). Others however harbor malicious code that once clicked puts your identity in jeopardy, as well as your financial information.

Word to the wise; if you absolutely must find out something that appears as a clickbait title, Google it first (the title), if the article is worthwhile you will find it on several sources, if it appears only in one place, that should raise a red flag as to its dubiousness.

A Tale of Fair(y) Rent in Kuwait

Rent in Kuwait has spiraled out of control; a recent article states that a studio (about 15-17 sq m) in 2013 could be rented for KD 80 to KD 100; the same room in 2014 cost tenants KD 150-KD 160. A one-bedroom flat at the start of 2013 cost around KD 170-KD 190, but now costs between KD 220-KD 250. A flat with two rooms at the start of 2013 cost between KD 220-KD 260, and now can be rented between KD 300-KD 400. A flat with three rooms at the start of 2013 cost between KD 300-KD 340, but now rents for KD 400-KD 600. (link)*


To some, it is like living in a fantasy world of fairies and orcs, a nightmare; the prices charged by some landlords for their miniscule, matchbox properties.

For long these landlords have had free reign to raise their prices as they see fit, without a care in the world given to how the tenant will be able to afford such prices.

In an effort to quell this negative phenomenon, Kuwait will establish an administrative body to set property rents in a bid to avoid extraordinary price rises (link).

Landlords would be required to lodge their vacant property with the body, who would set rents according to criteria including the area, type of property, age and services.


Initially, this would seem like a cause for joyous celebration. However, skepticism unfortunately takes precedent, and the following questions are raised:

1) Will this “Administrative body” only oversee the newly vacant properties?

2) Would the decisions taken be retrospective? i.e. will all buildings be required to register and submit to a review?

3) Can prices be brought down for tenants that have rented after the increase in rental allowance?

4) Is this for all residents in Kuwait or only for accommodation for citizens?

It would be a tremendous shame if this were an exercise in futility – with a new administrative body established to employ individuals with no real power/authority to affect the rental prices, which have reached astronomical, stupendous highs.

Landlords have long since been duping the authorities by changing the layout of the apartments as soon as they get their approval – a 2 bedroom becomes 3 with an extra added monthly amount of KD XYZ. In addition, basement parking is converted into commercial storage space, as the residents of Hawally have now become all too familiar with the sight of a 20’/40′ container parked amidst its congested streets to offload its army of boxes.

It would be amazing if the rents were reviewed and brought under control in order to ensure that the landlord is charging a fair price.

Let us wait and see if this makes it past development/discussion phase.

(* link in this article is from over a year ago)

#LetsGoForward Mishref Run Review @ForwardInspire

Contrary to popular belief; the Mishref Run was not a disaster on narrow straights.

Most of the runners I spoke to declined to attend the race for fear of likely collisions occurring, given that the path is extremely narrow at the beginning. However, this fear never materialized into anything as there were no points during the race where runners collided together – whether registered or simply users of the path.

Timeliness had become a significant trait of the LGF events, with all events kicking off on time, in spite of the weather.

Pedestrian path decorum boils down to the individual runner, and not the organizer; runners can choose to exercise their peripheral perception and “allow” others to overtake them by a) not actively trying to block them or b) moving to either side to allow them to pass.

And now, the cons of the run:

1) Inadequate refreshments at finish line the North Desert Run had adequate supplies of protein bars for the runners after the race; this time however there were no protein bars, and the Quaker’s cookies available were long finished by the time the rest of the 8K runners had arrived.

2) Placement of bottles on refreshment stations picture the following as it occurred to me during the run; the runner ahead of you reaches to grab a water bottle. The water bottles are stacked in long rows, causing a few to careen and roll off the table. You as a runner suddenly find deathly obstacles before you that, if fate should have its way, can lead to a serious injury. This is why water is supposed to be handed to runners by volunteers, to avoid the occurrence of such.

 3) Awards runners take part in races for a variety of reasons, some enjoy competition, some enjoy the thrill of crossing the finish line. Some aim for the gold, top 3 and strive to achieve it. With it should come a prize. The prizes offered for the races have been a plaque in the majority of the cases, which causes some runners dismay. And as we have countlessly stated before, the 5K runners deserve their moment in the sun too. Given that there is a fee that goes towards the race, then it is natural to believe that prizes should be more inclusive as opposed to a simple plaque. If that is the case, then why are the 5K runners not offered a similar trophy, as I am sure the plaques do not require much time/ money to make.

Awards go to increasing competition, if the prizes are worthwhile, attendance could easily be multiplied.

The good folks at LGF should take a page out of the book of Radisson Blu hotel who never fail to put on a SPECTACULAR bi-annual 3K fun run. Did we mention its for… FREE? Yes, runners show up at 8AM and register, receive a bib #, board a bus (water provided) which takes them to Jumeirah Hotel where the race starts, run down the road back to Radisson Blu, enjoy a free breakfast buffet in addition to prizes given to 3 categories – Male, Female, Children, with medals and giveaways including dinners and cakes at the Radisson Blu restaurants. All this is FREE, and all of it is given for a 3K race, a distance that is looked over by LGF.

Asides from that, the races are getting progressively better, and it is nice to have a full race calendar for the cool months of the year, to meet up with friends and catch up with those you have not seen in a long time. For that reason, people will continue to show up at the races, but in order to get people to buy into the ideology of fitness for a living, you have to entice them with the proper reward; that way they will talk to their friend who will talk to their friend who will tell their neighbor to show up at the next event.

“Maid” in Kuwait – Adding Insult to Injury

Since the dawn of time, families have requested the help of others in taking care of things around the house, cooking, cleaning, raising the children etc.

These hired helpers, domestic workers, were referred to as Maids, which is a short-form of maiden, which also means an unmarried girl.

It is not wrong to rely on others for help; lives today are different than yesteryear and in the days of yore. However, it is very common to read that the most prevalent form of abuse in the GCC region is the abuse of domestic workers; from over-work, underpay, abuse and rape to murder, and everything in between.

That is besides the point I am here to make; it has been brought up again and again in media all over the world and yet it persists, all over the world. The point I am looking at here is their clothing.

for illustrative purposes only

for illustrative purposes only

Certain jobs dictate/require a uniform; security, police, construction, nurses, engineering etc. however, domestic help doesNOT.

I drive by BBS every day on my way to work, I see a gathering of maids waiting across the street for the driver to make his way around the roundabout so they can get back in the car. Some are dressed casually, you would not know they were maids, whilst others are dressed as above.

What is the point of this? With other jobs, uniforms are worn for shifts, periods of time and then are taken off when the people punch out. Whereas maids remain all day in their clothing as they are at the beck and call of their “sponsors”, especially live-in maids. Do they lose their identity and become as they are dressed, day in day out, monotonous and robotic? Blended into the background?

The idea of domestic worker uniforms was back in the days of slavery as a form of ownership. Slavery has been abolished, or so we are lead to believe. What purpose does the uniform serve, that normal clothing cannot? Almost all uniforms are disgusting shades of oh-hell-no I would be hesitant to place on anything, much less another human being.

It is bad enough these people are away from their families for prolonged periods of time, earning meager wages that despite being more than they would at home are not enough to guarantee a life of comfort. It is adding insult to injury to force them to parade around in disgusting shades of purple, green and brown.

There is only one maid outfit that should ever be worn; and all the guys understand where I am coming from. Other than that, laissez faire. 

“Drunk shaming” by Qatar Airways

If you haven’t gotten the memo, we reside in Muslim countries, those that live in the G.C.C. These countries are subject to certain “restrictions” that are not available in the West, or Far East, or North, or South.

Public intoxication remains a crime anywhere around the globe.

In case you have not heard, Qatar Airways VP of Customer Service has shamed an employee who was pictured drunk outside her residence (Below):


With the following letter:



The employee in question has been with the company for 9 years, so is definitely aware of all the rules regarding residing in the Middle East.

So, was this move justified? Was it over the top? Will she be fired? Will she sue QA?

What surprises me is that someone had the gall to take such a picture in the first place, we have become a world of first-person shooters; everyone lives through the lens of their camera. You see a person drowning, your first thought is take picture, help later.

I was expecting a note plastered to her backside reading “I drank too much and now I’m passed out in front of my building unable to get up,, lol”, much like people do in all their shaming pictures.

Shaming has become a trend online, from pets to children, for all sorts of transgressions. Personally, public humiliation is not cool. It should not be used as a disciplinary procedure.

That is just my two cents.


Thanks Mark (248am)

the photo was a capture from the security camera not cell phone.

The issue is not public intoxication but staying out past curfew, as drinking is legal in Qatar.

Dear Kuwait – Stop Rubber Necking

We have all been there; you are driving home from work, you’re tired, you’re excited, you want to get home as fast as possible to see where you will likely end up; the couch or the outside.

Suddenly, the route you take 300-something days a year is gridlocked. You start dozing off in your car, you wonder what could the reason possibly be.

As you get closer you realize – there is an accident. On the other side of the road.

Everyone is slowing down to watch.


And blog/ tweet/ insta the insanity to their friends/ followers.


Everyone suddenly becomes a roving reporter on the scene. Lets face the facts, we all did it once, or twice. Or always. With the invention of the smart phone, and 4G LTE internet, we are quick to post vids/ images live on the scene.

Asides from causing a huge traffic jam, rubber necking – the act of gawking at something, can have disastrous consequences:

A cleaner who was cleaning the scene of a traffic accident lost his leg after being hit by a motorbike on Shaikh Zayed Road, while a policeman responding to a road accident near Arabian Ranches died when he was struck by a driver while getting out of his vehicle. Investigations revealed that the driver was looking at the accident and did not see the police officer. (link)

The UK is one of the first countries to hit back against this negative trend by taking legal action against rubber necking motorists who will be charged with either driving without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other road users. (link)

It is time for Kuwait to step up and do the same; forget asking the MOI to do something about it – take an initiative and do the following:

a) Stop doing it yourself – stop taking out your phone at crashes to take pictures.

b) Tell your friends on Facebook, and your Followers on Instagram/Twitter, who post such pictures not to do so, as the consequences can be disastrous.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

PS We don’t mean this rubber neckin’:

We support this wholeheartedly!

British Airways to add new service: Colon Cleansing

British Airways were quick to realize how costly a smelly poo was; as one of their flights was forced to divert from its original course in order to land due to ” liquid fecal excrement”, in the words of the pilot.



“About 10 minutes later he said you may have noticed there’s a quite pungent smell coming from one of the toilets.

“He said it was liquid faecal excrement, those are the words he used. He said it’s not a technical fault with the plane, and he was very adamant about that.”

The captain informed passengers that the plane would be forced to return to London for health and safety reasons.

Passengers were initially told they would board another flight in three hours. But on arrival into Heathrow they learned it would be 15 hours before the next flight

I wonder who was responsible for the foul odor?

A 15-hour delay because of a rogue turd…

If you think about it; airlines can save tons on fuel charges if they had a facility (prior to boarding) that ensures that passengers are not carrying any “extra weight”… in their bowels.

Perhaps a discount on airfare should the passenger willingly opt for a “FREE” Colonoscopy?

That will take airport security to a whole new level.

Dancing now an Immoral activity in Kuwait

Apparently, immoral activity now encompasses dancing, unless dancing is what the young people are calling it these days:



Further, due to dancing in their vehicle, their relationship was deemed “illicit”.

I guess this means I should stop dancing to the groove when I’m listening to music whilst walking in the streets or worse, in my very own car! Many a friend has informed me that my excessive moving causes the vehicle to shake from side to side at traffic lights…

Caught in the Act – of busting a move. FOR SHAME!!

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