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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Kardastrophe – Why do we empower imbeciles like @khloekardashian?

The world craze of “following faux-lebrities” i.e the following of people without an ounce of talent or brains by people without an ounce of sense has taken a sharp turn (upward) since the invention of social media.

At the high of this tidal wave or tomfoolery is the latest sensation – Khloe Kardashian, whose number of faux-pa’s over the past few months has been staggering to say the least, earning her a top spot in “faux-lebrity f*ckup”.

Firstly we begin with Exhibit A – the Khloe Kardashian “Diet”, which entails no exercise or clean eating, unless you consider cleaning your food with windex to be clean eating. The diet consists of her eating what she can, then spraying the rest with window cleaner so as to prevent herself from eating more. Not only did she believe this “fad” to be something that can catch on, she goes and spreads news about it, with the entire world coming together to inform little Ms. My-Only-Claim-To-Fame-Is-My-Sisters-Porno-&-My-Dads-Vagina that half the world is living in hunger whilst she deliberately poisons food. Hey, how about wrapping it up “to go” and giving it to a homeless person on the street? Would that not be a better diet? (link)

Next up on her trail of blunder-dom is a bit closer to home, specifically the Arab World, whereby she posts a photo on instagram with her “Arabian Prince” with the caption “‘Happy halloween! We getting Arab money tonight,”, in addition to a not-so-savory comment about her “beau-sheikh”:

kardashian stupidity


The latest two are again in our neighborhood, specifically the UAE, and they have to do with:

a) Her posting a picture in a niqqab(link)

which in all honesty, is not so offensive as people are making it out to be – ergo we’re on the fence about this one.

b) Her selfie with endangered animals (link)

which should be viewed as both her fault as well as shed light on the exotic animal industry thriving in the region. Blame the root of the problem, not the outcome.

The very fact that her actions are making such reverberations around the world is proof that we have lost the will to read into “real news” and instead pamper ourselves with faux-news.

Here is hoping to see the day when media-outlets stop giving airtime to airheaded wannabes who add no value to humanity, instead continue to remind us that celebrity is a gift bestowed upon the untalented with reckless abandon.

And the real hypocrisy is that I am writing about this…

Slow week.

Happy Sunday.

Over & Out.

@The_Avenues – where Fast Food is Not So Fast!

Once upon a time ago I came to the abrupt realization that, despite its namesake, fast food is really not that fast.

To avoid giving anyone, as my good friend Noor would say, butthurt, we will refrain from posting a picture, and instead rely on words to paint this lexiconic portrait.

Picture if you will the following scene; you are hungry and feel the hankering for something greasy, fried and fast. You head to the food court at the Avenues Mall, the one near the Grand Avenues extension. You look to your right and find your chosen poison, and GREAT! no line! You think you will be done in record time, and mentally begin enjoying your meal, unwrapping your sandwich, tasting those succulent fries…

Your order is placed and the tray comes out, in record time you are given a smile by the cashier and your meal is ready to be carried away to be consumed. You turn around and…

You stop abruptly, your mental manger (Francais) erased as you realize the chaotic scene before you; tables strewn haphazardly across the area, chairs unceremoniously picked and grabbed and placed elsewhere, tables bedecked with leftovers and not a chair in sight, attacked by a different type of vulture – the chair stealer.

Yes, to anyone that has been to the Avenues food court, finding seating is a painstaking, time consuming task. Firstly, the area is underutilized with great expanses of open areas with no tables in them. Secondly, the seating issue is abysmal – there are never enough chairs.

At times you think you find salvation in the form of a table and chair in the corner, you rush there with hope in your eyes and saliva accumulating in your mouth at the thought of finally getting to enjoy your food which is slowly turning cold, soggy, lackluster… only to discover that this is the reject area, with broken tables and chairs placed precariously together feigning seating. For a half second, you contemplate shifting your weight to your right butt cheek in order to balance on the chair and placing your tray in your lap in order to consume your now cold meal.

And there in lies the trade off; for to go to the food court is to select quickness and variety, as well as bring relief to your purse strings by not being too expensive. However, the time factor during peak times almost makes the venture abundantly useless. Whereas on the other hand, if you opt for gourmet restraunts, seating is immediate – the selection is limited to their offering, and the price is up to your appetite.

However, you do settle the business of finding seating.

So what will you choose?

The Killing of Childhood in Kuwait

For those of us that have lived in the same area for many years, witnessing change is not uncommon. More often than not however, that change is for the worse.

This sign post was errected in Hawally, near the intersection of Tunis St. & Beirut St. It is right behind KFC.


No playing Football – Municipality of Kuwait – Under threat of legal action

As the translation suggests, anyone caught playing football will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. As you can see, the area is relatively wide and offers expanses of open space that might appeal to children wishing to partake in a friendly game of football. It is a dead area in that traffic is minimal, with few parked cars around.

Unfortunately, it happens to be right-smack-dab near a municipality building (which I always thought was abandoned).

If you are to compare the state of childhood 20 years or so in the past, you would find that back then there was an expanse of space available in every building where children could enjoy their youthful folly. Fastforward to today however, and you will find that every available space in any building is being used for parking, or storage of some sort. Buildings are now much larger than they were back then, with much fewer open spaces.

Now in addition to this, the available open areas are being “closed off”?

Childhood is murdered, and the culprit is the mad dash for cash and supposed “progress”.

Hang your heads in shame.

PS to those that will tout that Kuwait has made available football pitches that can be rented etc. to those I say, since when are children expected to pay for their childhood? Whatever happened to the open sand pitches that were strewn across Kuwait? Most famously the ones right next to Mubarak Hospital in Jabriya; those pitches hosted inter-school football tournaments, there were PLENTY. Now? Only 2 remain, the rest of the area was converted into Parking, a road, and government structures.

Goodbye outside, hello obesity and connection obsession.

How to save money on Flights

Let’s face it, one of the greatest advantages of living in Kuwait is the ability to go on vacations. Now, we are not all teachers, blessed with 2 months of Summer Vacation along with countless public holidays in addition to Sand-Days, I digress.

The major detrimental factor however is always the cost of the flight.

I am here to tell you however, that those days are no more.

It started when a dear friend, A running friend,  A friend I will miss terribly when she leaves as she was my one running wonder, well, was was, haven’t met throughout 2014-2015 for our regular weekly runs in a lifetime (you will be missed Wendy-Lady!), I digress again… It all started when she told me about the wonders of  a website known as SkyScanner (link)

Now, what this website does is quite literally scan the skies for the prices of tickets, and inform you of them, and where to purchase them. It goes a step further by allowing you to set up an alert whereby you get a weekly email of the price fluctuations of tickets. And trust me, they fluctuate.

Lets assume you have already selected the days you wish to fly, most people try to book as early as possible with the hope of scoring a good price. The thing is, prices change weekly, up and down, and booking 4 or 5 months in advance is not necessarily a sure-fire way to get the cheapest ticket.

I found this to be true right now. I am in the process of booking my young brothers honeymoon (they grow up so fast :’) – digress), the initial cost of the ticket when I checked in March 2015 was 233KD for both him and his bride to fly to Bangkok from Cairo. I was waiting to use my new Miles Credit Card (topic for a future post) to book their flight so as to benefit from the 5X points per KD. Once it was issued, I rushed to the airlines website only to discover that the tickets were at KD 322. Of course I was shocked. I set up the alert and sure enough, I received an email yesterday saying that prices have gone down; and on the airlines website, it was down to KD 250.

The only way I can rationalize it is that sometimes airlines give out their “super-saver” seats to booking agents, and then those seats are returned to the airline, and so on and so forth, much like foods near expiry are moved to the discount aisle, and last years fashion is moved to the flash sale rack. So the prices change due to the availability of these super saver seats.

Therefore, if you are thinking of going on vacation, set the dates in your mind, set up an alert for said dates on skyscanner, and watch the rise and fall of tickets, then jump in when the price drops from what you initially saw on the first day you decided to go on vacation.

Your purse strings will thank you for it.

Meeting Readers – Healers of Blog Writers Rut

To the Reader I met yesterday at Lakeland Marina Mall around 12PM – Thank you, you have renewed my writing vigor at a time when it was at an all time low.

It happened roughly after my 29th Birthday, on April 29th, I lost the will to write, so to speak. It was a period of self reflection that took us through to our present day (yesterday) where something quite unexpected, out of the ordinary, and much uplifting occurred.

As we all know, Kuwait is a small country. A Very Small Country. If you go to enough diversified events, you are bound to meet almost everyone and find out the strangest ways in which you are connected (not by cheating and checking friends in common on FB).

It was a regular day, my wife and I along with our friends were enjoying a morning at Marina. We passed by Lakeland to marvel at the copious amounts of utensils we never knew existed, and never knew we needed. Twas roughly around the time we were about to leave that a stranger came up to me and said, congratulations. First thought to my mind, I’ve been married for a year now, oh well, yay! I said thank you, we shook hands, he said you’re a blogger right. Second thought, he must have me confused with someone else, so I said, yes, I blog. He then goes, Mybloogle right? And at that moment I split a smile from ear-to-ear wide enough to be misconstrued with the joker from Batman:

"Hopefully it was not this creepy"

“Hopefully it was not this creepy”

This has served to reinvigorate my fountain of blog.

So, dear stranger, thank you for walking in to my life at the exact moment I needed you.

God bless.

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