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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Instagram – The Selfish Kid on the Social Playground


Once upon a time, I remember waking up and suddenly finding a flood of “memes” on my Facebook page.

Soon after, all social media seemed to integrate, with overlaps all over the cyberverse. Click a link on Facebook and it transfers you to Twitter, and vice versa. And then there was Instagram.

And people thought it was good. Share pictures, write essays, use hashtags. It was a golden age.

Until we realize that Instagram is a very, very, very selfish app.

Unlike its peers, Instagram, or Insta as the cool kids are calling it these days, does not allow you to embed links, anywhere, except on your profile as “your website”, you try to enter a link in the description or comments on a photo, nothing happens. No blue font, no blue underline, seriously, it’s like someone killed the Smurfs.

Ergo, this leads me to conclude that in terms of a call-to-action app, Insta is thoroughly lacking.

Case-in-point, I am attempting to organize an event for next year, I did my due diligence, gathered data, created a registration survey, people signed up when asked via email or Facebook, however, on Insta, despite several reposts and “likes” on those reposts, nothing materialized in terms of new registrants for the event (free) or even likes on the events FB page.

The most people are willing to do on Insta is double tap the screen, other than that, it’s an instant waste of time.

For more information on our event, please click here

We are a group of socially active global citizens in Kuwait hoping to raise the awareness of the masses to embrace a more active lifestyle, and hopefully inspire them to in turn motivate others to take the “Sustainable Youth Pledge”, a document that will be circulated soon representing a promise from you to yourself to become more physically active, and what better time than at the turn of the New Year, Resolution season?!

This is our project, which will culminate in a never-been-done-before kind of run in Kuwait. The timing of which will hopefully be within the first quarter of 2016.
So sign up to participate in our campaign to raise awareness regarding the link between Mental & Physical health, community integration and fostering of global citizenry. Spaces are limited, sign up now!

To take part, please click here

The All-seeing eye of Facebook


For the past 4 weeks, I have been spending 4 hours of my Sunday and Monday evenings at a program to encourage active citizenship.

The initial hype of nearly 20+ participants boiled down to 12 (of whom I already knew 3 previously) with 4 ideas to encourage active citizenship.

The topic of this post however lies not with the concept, but… the all seeing eye.

The eye of Facebook to be exact.


No sooner did I start attending this course, that the people in the course started popping up on my “Suggested Friends” list on Facebook, despite not interacting with them on any social media except,,, Whatsapp…

A dim bulb brightens…

Now do you see Alice, how far down the rabbit hole goes?

Coincidence? I think not.

Teetotal Kuwait – The Least Drinking Nation in the World

In a bizarre article recently published by BBC aptly entitled “Booze Calculator – what is your drinking nationality?” (link), Kuwait surprisingly pulled in at a good LAST PLACE making it the least drunk country in the world – even beating out Strict Saudi Arabia, which came in SECOND LAST!

Here are the statistics that favor Kuwait:

Kuwait drinking

According to survey data published by the WHO, about 1% of men in Kuwait had drunk heavily on at least one occasion in month before the survey, compared with about 0% of women. The global average is 12.3% for men and 2.9% for women.

The researchers also investigate abstention rates: 90% of those surveyed in Kuwait reported that they had not touched a drop of alcohol in the previous 12 months. The global average is 61.7%.

Kuwait drinking graph

How do we compare to neighboring Saudi?

Saudi Drinking

According to survey data published by the WHO, about 0% of men in Saudi Arabia had drunk heavily on at least one occasion in month before the survey, compared with about0% of women. The global average is 12.3% for men and 2.9% for women.

The researchers also investigate abstention rates: 94% of those surveyed in Saudi Arabia reported that they had not touched a drop of alcohol in the previous 12 months. The global average is 61.7%.

This is a delightful turn of events from Kuwait being named as one of the fattest nations on the planet (actually 9th – but Fattest in the Arab States):


click on table for full list

It is also interesting to note how some stereotypes turn out to be false. For example, the French are not the largest consumers of wine (with some stories purporting that it is even available in McDonald’s with meals), nor are the Russians the largest consumers of Spirits, and the USA are not the largest consumers of beer. See for yourselves:

top 5 drinkers

And there you have it! Although, a quick read of the Arab Times Crimes section shows a remarkable trend of moonshine makers and drunkards, however, compared to the global populace, Kuwait is still way behind in the curve.

Russel Peters NOT coming to Kuwait @vibrantinco @therealrussellp

*At least not officially*

Social media in Kuwait has been abuzz with the news that Russel Peters, the Red, White & Brown star that gives new meaning to self-deprecating, is coming to Kuwait:

Russel Peters In Kuwait

However, being someone who is skeptical by virtue of my profession, and judging by the amendment on the poster above (which quite frankly does seem a tad tacky even if it is meant to be a gesture of comedy), I took to the internet to check the comedian’s official schedule. Lo and behold:


As you can see, Kuwait is no where to be seen.

A few explanations come to mind, each worse than the next; either that Kuwait has yet to be updated on the official schedule, or that it did not warrant mention on the official tour as it is viewed as a pit stop before UAE.

Now, it seems pertinent to remind people that the organizers are the same as those that promised to bring Black Theama to Kuwait back in June, the event was postponed to August.

Since I got my refund back from the last event, I went ahead and booked tickets for this one as well, but I am not holding my breath.


since the posting of this post, the website has now been amended to show Kuwait dates.

Whatsapp now allows Single Chat Mute

“There is no denying the power of peoples complaints in large numbers”.

Before we stood up in unison and said no to the constant barrage of tings and chirps brought about by multiple messages in groups, Whatsapp responded by silencing for a week, and now we have the power to silence these groups for an entire year.

Now, Whatsapp further benefit the masses by giving us the ability to silence certain chats, and not necessarily for malicious purposes – you could silence the chat with your BFF so as not to keep getting pings as you are already checking your phone for their response.

Whatsapp Mute

Traffic Fines on Speeding update in Kuwait

It has come to my attention in a previous post that traffic cameras around Kuwait are being “tampered with”, i.e. opened and examined frequently by authorized personnel from the MOI. It was happening too frequently to be malfunction repair. Just recently I came to the deduction of what was happening.

The threshold for speeding has been reduced and updated in all these cameras manually.


Traffic Fine

My latest transgression prior to renewing my car registration.

Location: 6th Ring Road

Speed: 136

Limit: 120

Fine: KD 20 for exceeding by no more than 20

Initially, I was under the impression that so long as you do not exceed 140, you are OK, and I have been doing this ages.

Now tho, it seems that the speed to not exceed is either 130 or 135.

You have been warned.

PS “اقوال المتهم” or “Statement of the felon” makes me feel like a murderer :S

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