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Monthly Archives: March 2016

How to be in the (k)Now in Kuwait – follow GT

Let’s face it, Kuwait is a small country. To some that is a bonus, to others a curse. It seems pertinent that it would be much simpler to be “in the know” when it comes to what to do for fun around here.

Not the case.

For example, yesterday there was a great event going on at the American University of Kuwait, the comedic antics of the talented George Tarabay (@georgetarabay) were put on display as the opening act for the Famous Angelo Tsaroukas (@bigangcomic), however people were asking, where when how (ok one person asked), when I posted about it on social media. Which got me thinking, is there one go-to place for info on events in Kuwait?

The problem is, we’ve grown so accustomed to being in the 21st century that we’ve neglected the basic form of media; aural.

Yessir, the dynamic duo of comedy were not advertised on the blog scene, 248am and KU2D, it started off on the radio.

And in order to get “in” with the radio crowd, you need to follow @Georgetarabay right now.

And keep it on the down-low.

(Yes the title of this post can be read several ways)

@alqabas and the Arab Media Censorship

We (my wife and I) signed up to Al Qabas newspaper to avail a lucrative discount on other things, despite my love for online media and aversion to printed.

It is that same aversion that assisted in this article. After reading about the horrifying occurrences in Brussels, the following article came out in today’s paper :


Now, does anything look out of place? Irregular? Edited? To the untrained eye, no, even trained, but my memory reminded me that I’d seen this picture before, but different.

Here is the unedited pic:



Now, the question becomes why go through the trouble of covering up this old lady’s mid section by filling it in like a tshirt on MS paint, why not simply put it behind squares?

Unnecessary censorship, irrelevant even. I’m positive there are many other pictures depicting this tragedy.

So why?

Kuwait vs. GCC in terms of inflation and salary



As you can see from the info above, the net effect of inflation offset by salary increase in the private sector is the lowest in Kuwait, due to the fact that the inflation rate is second highest in Kuwait.

It’s going to be a tough year.

Dear Smokers – Stay Out

I’m no Wolverine, but my sense of smell is quite uncanny.


Yesterday, whilst partaking in a leisurely run around the local park, I noticed the following occurrences:

  1. A smoker dressed in sports clothes, puffing away at his cancer stick whilst walking around the park.
  2. A smoker puffing away on his cancer stick besides the park.

What do these two have in common? They both stink.

Contrary to popular belief, cigarette smoke does not smell good. It does not smell good hanging in the air, it does not smell good landing on furniture, it does not smell good on your clothes. Period. In fact, one of the worst stenches in existence is smoke + cologne, a killer combination.

Getting back to the topic at hand – cigarette smoke smells bad. It lingers.

Short of the government passing a law banning smoking in all public spaces, we’re stuck with having to share spaces with these self-destructing humans.

How about a live and let live policy?

Investing in the Kuwait Stock Exchange – Picking a Winner

Once in a while, I need to write something smart in order for people to believe that I am not just another pretty face 😛

So without further ado, here is a SUMMARIZED version of how to pick the winning horse for your financial security:

  1. Selecting a good stock is a careful mixture of instinct, luck and pre-planning. There have been several one-hit wonders, however the proverbial sword of Damocles looms eerily over any stock – it can have the potential to make or break you.
  2. As with everything in life, risk = reward, higher risk, higher reward. You can end up buying a junk stock for under 100 fils per share that suddenly sky-rockets due to some important invention/ law/ news etc. or you can buy a blue-chipper at a very high price and find it collapse faster than a chocolate tower at a child convention.

Now, armed with that information, here is what you need to do:

  1. Find the companies dividend distribution (done annually) for the past 5 years in order to draw up a trend. the KSE website used to provide a PDF report to this regard, however I have been unable to find it. I did however find the information, comment in the section below and i’ll share that info with you.
  2. Through the usage of EXCEL, prepare sheets of the performance of the stocks for the past 5 years. Combine these together through PIVOT tables in order to review each stocks cash/bonus shares distributions.
  3. Compare the list you made above with the LATEST days transactions for the KSE. This will help you determine which shares are currently trading and which are not. In addition, it will show you the latest price reached by said stock, so you know how much it’ll cost you.

Cash and bonus shares are distributed as a percentage of the shares you own. Meaning, if you own 1,000 shares and the company announced in its AGM that it was distributing 20% cash and 15% bonus shares, you get 0.020 fils per share in cash, which gives you a good KD 20, and you get 15 bonus shares, so you end up owning 1,015 for the next year.

Now I have done the analysis for 2010-2015, compared to the price per share and selected a few stocks I believe might perform well. I am no investment analyst, the only sale I ever made was when I cashed out of ALAFCO after it reached a 100% profit (doubled in price since I bought it), it has since fallen back down.

It is important to realize before committing to a stock to review its GRAPHICAL PERFORMANCE through the KSE website, that it can do. This helps you to see how long during a period of 5 years the stock was not trading, which affects its liquidity in the long run.

For more information, feel free to reach me 😀

Happy trading.


It’s a hard knock life….

DISCLAIMER: the article above summarizes the feelings of the author alone, he is neither a financial wizard nor investment guru, any losses incurred by anyone following this advice shall in no way, shape, or form be attributed to this author, as such as no profits gained by individuals would be shared with the author. The views expressed are his own and not in meant to act as investment broker/ agent for anyone. You are responsible for your own financial security.

Confessions of a Two year Married Man

On this, the anniversary of the day of my wife’s birth, I find myself compelled to let my heart bleed through my finger tips in words unspoken, join me on this magical journey celebrating my wife’s birthday, two years into our married life.

The easiest thing we can do is point out other people’s flaws, so for the duration of this post, i’ll focus on my own flaws:

I’ll admit, i’m not the easiest person to get along with. I know, shocking right? I have the ability to make friends instantly, but when it comes to the deep, personal connections, I am a bit rough around the edges.

I was raised in a male dominant household – two brothers and a set of parents. We don’t do talky-talky much, we’re not in touch with our emotions. We joke, we laugh, we yell, we scream.

I can honestly say that I’m mostly joking almost 80% of the time; when I act angry i’m trying to make it over-the-top so that people can tell i’m not really angry, but that usually backfires, with my wife mostly, and i’m accused of being harsh or blatant, which I am but not to that extent (I mean come on, if your wife asks you about her weight and your reply is I didn’t want to say anything but… and you’re SMILING, what is that supposed to mean? I mean I can be mean but I’m definitely not an idiot!)

Strangers opinions do not matter to me; not by a long shot. They do however matter most to my wife.

It’s just like our temperature preferences; my wife was scorched in the fiery depths of an active volcano; whereas I was condensed on the tip of an eternally icy mountain.

Two years into marriage and we’re still learning about each other; it’s obvious we’re both resistant to change, and I’m guessing that is ok. I do make mistakes and I do apologize, even if you don’t believe my apology is sincere.

I’m loud. I get angry as fast as I calm down, I don’t explain everything because I believe some things do not need explaining, and I take them as my duty, delegated to me to do, therefore how and why they are to be done should not be a question.

(I refer to today’s fiasco regarding parking).

I may be a lot of negative things, but the one positive thing I am is your husband. Believe it or not I do change, I flip the bed covers to the patterned side you like even if it makes no difference to me because I merely use it for warmth. I make your coffee in the morning by heating the milk first and not putting the granules in the cold coffee because you don’t like that.

Simply put, I love you.

Do I promise I will change? Down the line maybe, but what I do promise is that the last 3 words in the sentence above remain true.

Most Connected Gulf Country in terms of flights is…

We here in Kuwait are hot off holiday season, for those that remained and got soaked, we salute you.

But when it comes to travelling, which country fares best in terms of DIRECT flights out? i.e. which country in the Gulf is connected to the most countries around the world via their airport?

Here is the list we compiled based on Wikipedia reports. The more important number is Destination Countries (2nd column) because some airlines fly internal flights to local destinations (cities) such as Saudi Arabia:

Most Connected gulf Country

As you can see, Qatar tops the list.

We need whatever growth hormone was administered to Qatar Airport, as it has undergone HUGE changes since I was there last in 2012.

Kuwait Airways connects Kuwait to 24 countries.

The reason behind this analysis is, when travelling from Kuwait you need to factor in transit time, whereas from the countries of these respective airlines, the flights are direct, so transit time is minimized.

Sure would be great if Kuwait can top this list.

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