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Monthly Archives: August 2016

@CinesapeQ8 Report – The Missing Minutes

Lets face it, when it comes to movies on the big screen, Kuwait movie-goers are at a severe disadvantage, although not as much as our Saudi counterparts, nonetheless, it is quite annoying.

We will be posting a weekly/ monthly report on the missing minutes at the movies now:


Movie: Manhattan Night

KNCC running time,:94 mins

IMDB running time: 113 minutes

Missing minutes: 19 mins

% of total movie: 17%


Movie: The Neon Demon

KNCC running time: 100 mins

IMDB running time: 117 mins

Missing minutes: 17 mins

% of total movie: 15%


Movie: Riot

In the USA, this was a Direct-to-Video release.

‘Nuff said.


Movie: Suicide Squad

KNCC running time,:123 mins

IMDB running time: 123 minutes

Missing minutes: 0 mins

% of total movie: 0%

Update: the movie is actually missing around 2 minutes…


Movie: Cell

KNCC running time,:98 mins

IMDB running time: 97 minutes

Missing minutes: 1 min

% of total movie: 1%


Movie: The Fall of the Krays

KNCC running time,:102 mins

IMDB running time: 116 minutes

Missing minutes: 14 min

% of total movie: 12%

What CinescapeQ8 doesn’t understand is, these minutes cost $, by cutting up the movie, which granted is not their decision, the audience is effectively getting robbed.

@Delta Airlines outage – Karma?

Delta Airlines, the USA’s largest carrier by numbers, has experienced a “power outage” that resulted in thousands of air passengers around the world being left stranded (link).

Now, looking at that piece of news, and comparing to the “Hackers for Hillary” (link)

What if, and this is not so far out there, but what if the “power outage” was a result of Delta’s ridiculous stance on Muslim passengers?

For example:

Muslim couple says they were kicked off Delta flight for using phone, saying ‘Allah’

And “Muslim mother says she was discriminated against on Delta flight”  (link)

Two Muslim women who work for US government escorted off plane as they made staff ‘uncomfortable’ (link)

Doesn’t seem far fetched.

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