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June 30th 2012 Egypt was hopeful for change. Given two difficult choices, the people of Egypt made a difficult choice – a Minimax regret – the best of the worst possible scenarios.

And here we have the MB’s first golden lie – they said they would not seek the presidency. They lied.


Ahmed Shafiq was obviously disqualified in the revolutionaries eyes as he represented everything they stood against – an exact carbon copy of his predecessor, a glorified army pilot, and a corrupt former minister of aviation.

Mohammed Morsi was unaware he would be a presidential candidate as he was not his party’s premier choice – this goes to prove that he as a person did not have the qualifications to become president, which is painfully apparent from his lack of proper decorum at any state functions or visits abroad (Gas and alcohol don’t mix); however his party had the power to put anyone into the presidential chair and rule the country from a distance, which is exactly what is happening. There is no president, there is only a ruling party running the country to serve its best interests, looking abroad and failing to look inward and see a populace on the brink of implosion into civil war.

The second lie the MB told: All television channels have been reiterating the promises Morsi made as a presidential candidate including fixing Egypt’s problems, listening to the people and stepping down should people rise against him, which was clearly documented and reiterated.

22,143,465 Egyptians signed up with the revolutionary group Tamarod (تمرد) which means rebel, myself included. 5 million people voted for Morsi during the first round of elections. 13 million voted to put him in power. Those are the numbers.

Mr. President you have failed the people, now it is time to do what you said you would do when you were seeking the chair.

In his first acts as president, Morsi set a 100-day period in which he would accomplish several goals. The only goals he accomplished was to turn everyone against each other. To speak against Morsi is to speak against Islam, and if you speak against Islam then you must hate it. That is the mentality of all of his supporters. Morsi has been glorified to the point of appearing to be the messiah. He has struck his staff upon the grounds of Egypt and drew further lines of disparity.

Nothing has changed in Egypt in a year, nothing for the better. The country has deteriorated to levels never before seen; fuel, electricity, water and food shortages are rampant in all of Egypt. People are lining up for hours to fuel up their cars. The only change is a shuffle from clean-cut men in business suits that robbed the country for 30 years, to bearded persons doing the exact same thing and brain washing millions via their televised programming where they condemn anyone against Morsi as being against Islam.

The brotherhood have infiltrated all levels of government, at the highest levels especially. Ministers are all loyalists to the brotherhood, and most of them are convicted terrorists.

The prime minister himself is nothing more than a former minister of irrigation! What qualifications does he have to become a foreign dignitary? None of the people they have placed in power have any knowledge of the global economic forum, their only claim to power is connections. They can recite the quran, but fail to understand economics and foreign trade and bilateral relations.

The minister of information, the minister of culture, all mere puppets in the regime of the MB. The minister of culture wrote two books that no one read, and claims that the opera, part of Egypt’s rich history, is blasphemous and should be shut down.

Supporters of the MB came out on national television asking for the destruction of all the ancient artifacts of the once proud Egyptian history.

Morsi’s supporters claim he has accomplishments – these accomplishments are nothing more than mere traits of the president, which are common to any practicing Muslim – he prays. That is his accomplishment that all of his supporters are proud of. He brought a prayer mat into the presidential palace. He prays fajr with his guards.

They are also bordering on blasphemy by claiming the Prophet himself (صلى الله عليه وسلم) appeared in peoples dreams, with Morsi, and asked him to lead the jama’a prayer. Has anything been done to silence these heathens? No. They target people like Bassem Youssef and other figures that oppose the president.

The MB’s biggest problem is that they continue to blame the former regime for all their problems. True, they inherited a sinking ship, however their actions tore apart the hull and let the waters flow in at rapid pace.

Egypt is on the precipice of a civil war; however this time, the tides have shifted against the brotherhood who crawled out of the woodwork in an almost Shakespearean twist of fate where the prisoners became leaders and the leaders became prisoners.

However these prisoners are completely inept at running state affairs.

To the Arab World that claims Egypt will never know peace if they depose Morsi. People that are asking Egyptians to be patient, our question is till when? Egypt is falling into a cataclysm of desperation. One year is more than enough to know exactly what the MB is capable of. They know nothing of global affairs, they are fanatics of Islam who draw Egypt closer and closer to the dark ages (عصور الجاهلية). They wanted to block pornography in Egypt? Without even considering the financial ramifications of such a decision. They have done nothing to quell the demands of the people. There was a reason the MB were placed under lock and key for 30 years, and this is it.

After one year, here are Morsi’s accomplishments (link):

  • June 2012 – Narrowly wins presidential election. Orders parliament to meet in defiance of a military decree dissolving it
  • July 2012 – Submits to a Supreme Court ruling that the parliamentary elections were invalid
  • August 2012 – Dismisses Defence Minister Hussein Tantawi and Chief of Staff Sami Annan, and strips military of say in legislation and drafting the new constitution
  • November 2012 – Rescinds a decree stripping the judiciary of the right to challenge his decisions, after popular protests
  • December 2012 – Public vote approves draft constitution boosting the role of Islam and restricting freedom of speech and assembly
  • March 2013 – Court halts his plans to bring parliamentary elections forward to April, citing failure to refer the electoral law to the Constitutional Court
  • June 2013 – Puts Islamists in charge of 13 of Egypt’s 27 governorships – controversially he appoints a member of the former armed group Gamaa Islamiya to be governor of Luxor (who were responsible for the kidnap and murder of tourists).

One year of ineptitude is enough.

اخترنا مسلمين لم يراعوا الله في شعبهم

June 30th 2013 shall be a day of reckoning.

Our prayers are with you Egypt.

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