3rd Hand Smoke – Another Silent Killer

The Poisons in Cigarettes

We all know the stories, we have all heard the tales.

Smokers Lungs

Smoking kills, in more ways than one.

We are all familiar with 1st hand smoke; and that is the smoke that smokers inhale directly into their lungs. This is the least deadly of all, relatively speaking, as it passes through a filter before entering the lungs. Since the smoker is consciously aware of this smoke, and its effect on their health, it is understandable that they take the risk. The other types of smoke however, the most potent and deadly, affect those around the smoker, effectively turning the smoker into a murderer.

They load the bullets, we Suffer the Consequences

2nd hand smoke is the smoke exhaled by the smoker. There is no intricate filtration system to protect our lungs from this kind of smoke, that hangs in the air like a deadly, silent specter, slowly drawing the very life away away the hapless, unbeknownst victims.

The Dangers of Smoke

3rd hand smoke, a recent addition to the list, is no less deadly than 2nd smoke, if not more so. And it is the stench of smoke that lingers on our furniture, in the car, in elevators, as a residue of the poisonous gas. Previously, it was given little attention, now however, it has been proven to cause certain ailments.

Poisons in cigarette smoke can linger on fabrics or hair, but a survey of 1,500 households found that fewer than half of smokers knew this.

Toxic particles in cigarette smoke can remain on nearby surfaces, as well as the hair and clothing of the smoker, long after the cigarette has been put out, and small children are susceptible because they are likely to breathe in close proximity.

I have lost friends for my adamant stance on smoking inside my house, as I detested the rancid stench of smoke on furniture, and hence disallowed anyone from smoking inside my house. They would have to sit in the balcony.

Be careful of the residue left by smokers, as it can unknowingly affect your health as well.

Components of a Killer

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