4 levels of Idiocy

The English language is a beautiful thing, is it not? Spoken by billions around the world and understood in pidgin form amongst a million others, it really serves as a wonderful tool to bridge the language barrier between different people.

Further, the English language is available in myriads of ways that offer fool proof error checking to ensure the user gets their point across properly, such as spell check on Microsoft Word for example.

Turns out it is not as fool proof as one would like to think- the element of error checking.

Take the example below:


Not to mention the translation is literally incorrect – Happy Nights (Arabic)

This nice gem of a shop banner succeeded in slipping under the radars of the following persons:

1- the one responsible for making the design on their software & possibly printing as well.

2- the one responsible for  the final product before delivery to customer (a manager maybe?)

3- the one responsible for receiving the final product

4- the owner of the shop where the final product is hanging

And of course let us not forget the countless customers that avail the services of said shop and have yet to convince the owner to change it.

Do not make the same mistake.

Hire auditors to ensure your brand image remains sharp (such as myself).

There should be a law against such errors, they should be punishable by having the perpetrator serve time in English class.


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