4th Ring Accident this Morning


this image made me do a double take on the 4th on my way to work today. it happened at the overpass by route 55 (Airport Road), and was witnessed at roughly 740AM.

at first glance it would seem a careless mistake or reckless driving. however, upon arriving at work I found that I had merely witnessed part II of the incident,  as my friend filled me in on part 1.

We usually don’t pay attention to every detail on the road like for example, the condition of the barricades on the side; unless you’re me. I noticed that the barricades were banged up pretty hard today.

as it turned out, the driver of the vehicle (with family in tow) had a seizure whilst driving down the road earlier this morning (around 620AM) and was careening haphazardly down the road,  smashing into barricades and other vehicles.

my friend called emergency services at 633am to inform them of the danger on the 4th.

we hope everyone in that vehicle is safe.

by the time I arrived there were cop cars, a fire truck and a fire SUV.

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