642 Marathon postponed till December 2014

In a world that is constantly updating our perception of health and wellness, one attempts to plan their year around the few meagre morsels of sports available in their locality, as good sportsmanship promotes healthy competition.

Sadly, it is extremely difficult to do so in Kuwait as what few races we have keep getting subjected to delays as a result of not getting the proper authorisations for race locations.

RunQ8 was postponed in 2013.
KCR half marathon was postponed to Nov 2014.

And now the 642 marathon has also been delayed to December 2014.

The good news is the organizers are offering refunds and free registration for the race for those that paid.

The bad news is those that postponed plans for the RAK half marathon taking place on Feb 14 in favor of the 642 marathon taking place on Feb 15 will be hugely disappointed.

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