65 Celsius Weather in Kuwait Predicted?


With recent news of the temperature expected to rise to 65*C in Ramadan, we thought it best to give a few comparisons.

For those of you that forgot science, alcohol has a boiling point of 78*C, meaning that anyone intoxicated on the streets might feel a “cooling sensation” as the alcohol in their blood reaches boiling point.

On 13 September 2012 the World Meteorological Organisation disqualified the record for the highest recorded temperature, exactly 90 years after it had been established at El Azizia, Libya, with a measurement of 58*C. The official highest recorded temperature is now 56.7*C, which was measured on 10-July-1913 at Greenland Ranch, Death Valley, California, USA.

That’s because an international team of meteorologists finished an in-depth investigation of what had been the world-record temperature extreme of 58*C, recorded on 13-Sept-1922, in El Azizia, Libya. The group found that there were enough questions surrounding the measurement and how it was made that it was probably inaccurate, overturning the record 90 years to the day it was recorded.

So apparently, the temperature in Kuwait is expected to exceed that?

I find that highly doubtful, but we have messed up Mother Nature as a collective, so I would not be surprised if there was some minor merit to the claim.

Please, Please, Please, Please, before you drive to work in the morning, place a few bottles of water into the fridge and give them out the next day to anyone working on the street.

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