@NBKpage has a sense of humor!

It is very gratifying this day in age to find a large corporate giant with a sense of humor, in this cutthroat era we live in.

During last Ramadan, the holiest of holy month’s in the muslim calendar, I was in the middle of performing a piece of advice learned from the greatest investment guru of our time, Warren Buffet, which goes, “do not spend then save, save then spend”. To do that, I transfer a portion of my monthly salary to a different account whose card I keep locked away.

Now, my main account is with NBK, and the money transfer page requires a reason to be inputted for the transfer. I have been doing this for a long time now, and got quite fed up with the whole process, so to spice it up, I inputted the following in the 3 lines given for reason for transfer:

Line 1: Drugs and Alcohol

Line 2: Do you even read this?

Line 3: seriously?

Happy with my joke, I went about my daily business without a care in the world after clicking send. A few days later, I receive a call from NBK inquiring about my recent transfer (the one for drugs and alcohol, during Ramadan!) The conversation went as follows:

NBK: sir did you transfer money to an account in Kuwait recently?

Me: yes, I did.

NBK: Can you tell me reason why you transferred the money for? Do you remember?

Me: err… not really no.

NBK: (proceeds to read the EXACT phrases entered).

Me: You actually read that? (Laughter on both ends)

NBK: please do not write this again sir or else the Central Bank will flag your account. we cancelled the same transfer.

Me: duly noted.

NBK: have a nice day sir.

So there you have it! they do read and it is important.

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