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A New Domain is Rising! It’s victory is at hand! (Sourman – The Two Tables: Lord of the Orders)

The problem of living in a multilingual society is that at times, the mainstream jargon of one group is often complete gobbledygook to another.


Franco Arabic, the bane of Foreigners in Kuwait. To them, 6alabat stood for 6 overturns (alabat), or some unpronounceable word that baffled the mind of non-native Arabic Speakers.

So subtle you’ll hardly tell the difference


Franco Arabic is much like numeric English, one of the drawbacks of the Lazy Generation, as th3y tnd to 4bbr3v1at3 l1k3 th1s. Or maybe its just an attempt to be cool.

Bottom line is, starting January 1st, 2013, 6alabat.com will be reachable via both 6alabat as well as Talabat domains.

By the way, non-Arabic speakers, Talabat stands for orders.

The mystery is now solved.

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