Civil ID copy is Proof of Identity in Kuwait

As an expat, and as a runner, I find myself constantly roaming the streets without my civil ID for fear of losing it, much like I lost the keys to my house 2 days ago (-_-) (>.<) (they slipped off the keychain as I was walking with my wife!)

We always read in the news that police arrest those that do not carry ID, I always saw that as a challenge seeing that I was never asked to produce it whilst running before, despite running in some pretty conspicuous places i.e. the island between the lanes of the Gulf Road! And since I was recently pulled over for having stickers on my car (which I had on since I bought it from the dealership 5 years ago), it seemed high time to get a proper law opinion regarding carrying a copy of my civil ID when exercising.

I sought the help of the awesome Fajer (link), friend to expats Kuwait-wide and regular columnist with 248am.

Here is her response:



So there you have it folks; spend the extra time at the office copying machine, make a few copies of your civil ID and bombard it into your running garments; personally I want to make a wrist band with my civil ID on it that is laminated.

Now my dear wife asked, well what if the ID is fake – to which I replied, they run the number through their system and check to see if everything is clear.

This also reminds me of an incident that happened to me waaaay back in the day, I guess I was 12 or so; we were sitting outside our building in the dead of night, around 2AM, there was an AC repair shop annexed to the building and we were sitting in front of it, a police car passed, then it either doubled back or someone else came later and they asked for our ID. Now mind you we were literally 10 METERS from our house, and the stubborn policeman refused to let us go up to get our civil IDs; it was me, my elder and younger brother, and a friend. Our friend had his ID. After much bargaining, the officer allowed my younger brother to go get our IDs; he was able to find his and my older brothers, however mine was not where I thought it would be. He did bring me my wallet though and I produced all my bank cards in my name, which was the same family name as my brothers, however this did not interest the officer and he still wanted to take me in, citing I could have, at the age of 12, stolen the identity of someone else.

In the end, due to my loquacious attitude, we were let go, and the officer said that when he travels to Egypt, he carries a copy of his passport on his person, therefore solidifying the fact that a copy of your ID suffices as ID in the eyes of the law.

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