A funny incident: Sweet, little old ladies

So my first audit assignment has wrapped up. Round of applause, it was a great, great, great, experience/ exposure for me. I learnt so much, and believe that I was made for this profession. I still have mountains to climb and heaps to learn, but so long as one has will and drive, they can accomplish anything.

Time to head home, but before that, I had to hit Midan Al Darajja one last time to pick up some last minute gifts for the folks back home. Here is why it is called Midan Al Darajja (Bicycle Square/ roundabout)

Jeddah is the largest open air museum in the world

 We hit the airport in good time, I was able to sneak in excess weight of about 10KGs! Spent a couple of hours waiting by the gate, thrilled some Indonesian women by doing the “360 degree arm rotation” and left for the bus that was to take me back home.

We boarded the plane, seat 20K right next to the window! And guess what?

The plane is frikkin empty! only 50 or so peeps aboard! Why wouldnt they bump me up to business?! Anyhoo, I went and say riiiight up infront of the wall, more leg space 😉

Jeddah from above, spectacular.

Lunch, tafadlo, Enjoy

Very subtle hint :S

Now, here comes the interesting part, as you know, I love anecdotes, and this little story was too great to pass up!

I’m sitting on the right side of the plane and the sun is setting,

so on my side, it is dark (above), on the left side, it is still setting! Amazing!

I grabbed my camera in one hand, and my orange ipod in the other, and headed over to the other side to snap a picture of the amazing sunset. I was thorough, I made sure that there was no evidence of people sitting in the chairs I chose to take a picture from, this picture right here:

Wonderful right?


As I was taking the picture, I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and there stood a squat, little, old lady. I had “Within Temptation” blaring at full volume, and she was wearing the full face veil, so all I saw was her standing infront of me, arms flailing, gesticulating wildly. I assumed I was in her seat, so I told her I am just taking a picture and will leave right away (in English ofcourse!). But she was heading toward the curtain and looking for a flight attendant.

I was like, wth? What did I do? I wasnt rubbing up on her damn chair, and she was old enough to be my grandmothers (god rest her soul) grandmother!

I got back to my seat, perplexed to say the least, got back to my sudoku and my music. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her (little old lady) talking to a flight attendant and pointing at me. I pretended I didnt see her.

A while later, the flight attendant comes over, all smiles and tells me, that he is embarassed to be saying this, but the little, old lady was under the impression that I was… talking on the phone (ipod, remember), and since the plane was inflight, she was worried that my antics would lead to the inevitable crashing of the airplane. Try as he could, he was unsuccessful at explaining to her what a music player is, so he asked me, whilst attempting to keep a straight face, to please just keep the ipod in my pocket.

After bursts of fitful laughter, and now I know I ‘m going straight to hell for this, I did the following:

after the flight attendant left, I waited a while, looked toward the little old lady, to make sure she was looking at me, then proceeded to talk, into my ipod…

Bless her heart for the mirthful laughter I enjoyed on that flight.

Kuwait from above

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