A Kase of Karma in Karachi!

It all started on the last day in Karachi.

As is always the case with check-outs, nothing ever goes smoothly.

As we clamber to stuff all our items into our luggage (heaven forbid you should over-shop and have to worry about weight restrictions on the plane!) whilst maintaining a sense of symmetry in that the suitcase does not appear bulky, we often miss out on a few things.

I decided to do something nice for the next guest and stashed coins from Kuwait in “secret” places like the chair cushions, inside the drawers etc. along with a few of my business cards (just for laughs).

The joke was on me though as in my rush to leave the room I left behind a very dear gadget to me: my charger.

It happened to be one of those detachable 2 piece chargers, and we shared quite a bit of history.

I only realized the loss whilst at the airport.

Couldn’t make calls though. And also, no internet. No emails.

I figured its ok, I’ll get to Dubai International Airport, hit the lounge real quick, send an email to my friend’s in Karachi and ask them to check with the hotel about the charger. It was the Sheraton, how hard could it be?


Apparently, they claim that there was no charger in the room.

Now, as all this was happening, I had had to settle the bill for my room. And herein lies the grace of God.

Initially, the bill was supposed to be PKR 120,000. However, due to exchange rate fluctuations, the actual bill came out at PKR 117,000 (or something, basically it was less than 120K). This translated to KD 347.229. I knew this because I used my MasterCard to pay for the room, and the difference between the card limit and available balance would be the amount deducted. If you repay that quickly from your current account, you do not end up incurring any interest.

So, the minute I landed in Dubai and sent the email, I also transferred the money to keep the balance at 0.

I checked out on the 11th, the payment was supposedly deducted then as well, however I found out during that first week in Kuwait that the amount had been “returned”, as my MasterCard was showing an excess balance.

Now, the real kicker lies here.

Apparently, there was an error in my payment, and after it was amended, and also due to a failing exchange rate, the amount the hotel was charging me dropped from 347.229 to 342.117.

Meaning I was sitting on an extra KD 5.112 as an exchange rate gain.

Or as I like to call it, Karma.

And a new charger.

In your face Sheraton!

Karma in Karachi

Karma in Karachi

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