A Little Thought for Food

The scene in any food court is always the same; an unhealthy person ordering enormous amounts of unhealthy food, requesting extra mayonnaise and asking for a “diet coke” and coleslaw salad, believing themselves to be tricking the scale when in reality, they are only tricking themselves.

It is sad to see how blinded the world is by marketing and media. They sell you diet coke as only containing 1 calorie, what they do not tell you is that it still has the same effect as regular coke (feel free to read up on those effects here and here)

Here is another example, Red Bull.

Red Bull can give you wings.. to heaven if taken incessantly

Energy drinks have taken center stage for quite some time now, athletes brag about their miraculous contents, so much so that the people of today believe in them, so it is also not an uncommon scene to watch an obese person walking around the mall downing Red Bull.

Let us break down the contents of Red Bull and its effects. Its main component is Caffeine, which is what gives you “the buzz”, hence why it is recommended for athletics, along with all its other ingredients, you are given a boost and need a release, so exercise is the way to go. However, in case of our overweight friend downing Red Bull as a casual soft drink, the results range from liver damage to cardiac arrest.

It states very clearly “do not consume more than 500ML per day” on the can itself.

People are using Red Bull for stress and anxiety. Do the math, the extra caffeine is bound to make you more jittery and anxious, plus you will need to pee, hence it is NOT suitable for examinations.

I have completed over a year of being “fizz free”, meaning that January 1st, 2010 I took the resolution to abstain from all forms of fizzy drinks, in any quantity, and I’m still going strong.

Health does not come easily. It is the greatest gift we are bestowed with, and the hardest to keep intact. Too much exercise is not good for you, too little is not good for you, everyone must find the balance with which they are comfortable. There is no easy solution, no quick-fix.

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