A Modern Twist on a Cultural Heritage – Souq Mubarakiya Kuwait City

Ever since I was little, Kuwait City always seemed like an ancient Country within the Country. It was my favorite destination for the wonderfully tasty and hot Samosa’s (for some reason Arabs like to call it Samboosa), and a stroll on its cobbled streets, its sellers and hawkers displaying their wares, bargaining with customers. The ambiance of Kuwait City is, and always will be, magical.

For all endeavoring a taste of Ancient Kuwait, Souq Mubarakiya is the place for you.

Located in the heart of Kuwait City, it is a true “everything-under-one-roof” shopping experience catering to every preference,  from perfumes (where you can score TESTER perfumes for under their original selling price) to fisheries, from fruits & vegetables to the meat market, from light snacks to grilled foods the likes of which you will never taste elsewhere, from gold to currency exchange, and lets not forget, it is the perfect place to pick up tradional Kuwaiti Dresses, as well as blankets, clothing, electronics, and other odds and ends.

In a previous post (link), we explored how a “Heritage Site” was established in the heart of Souq Mubarakiya, a much needed initiative in Kuwait, where more often than not, heritage makes way for money as old buildings are torn down mercilessly, and newer, smaller, more expensive buildings take their place.

And today, it is complete, an amazing voyage into the past, a glance into the ancient traditions of Kuwait. The old building has been converted into a restaurant/ coffee shop for all to enjoy a taste of “Old Kuwait“.

In this case, Salmiya Highstreet should be preserved as a Heritage site, as should the toy shops in Khalid Bin Al Waleed St.

Keep the past, for it is a guiding light to the future.

A few choice photographs of the new restaurant/ cafe:

Head on view of the renovated Historic Heritage Site

Fishing equipment of the past


Headless hawkers




I think they were filming a segment for a local TV channel in Souq Mubarakiya



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