A picture of a lion in the back of a police car in Kuwait

A lion was recently arrested in the desert State of Kuwait and charged with disturbing the peace in the Bayan area, as well as numerous counts of concealed weapons (teeth, claws) and unruly behavior, as well as insulting an officer by roaring at them.

The suspect can be seen here looking at a passerby in the street and thinking, “hmmm, looks tasty”.

a lion arrested in Kuwait

The owner is being brought in for the necessary legal actions against them.

Exotic animals DO NOT MAKE PETS! When will people get that? Especially if the country they are in cannot mimic their natural habitat. Lions are native to the Savannah, a type of desert forest, but still a forest. (link)

You can take the lion out of the Savannah, but you cannot take the Savannah out of the lion. No matter how much money you have anything you offer the animal is cruelty in disguise.

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