A Reverse Buffet in India

A Gujarati reverse buffet, a first experience for me in the deliciously, Desi cuisine of India.

On the second day of our excursion to Kandla, we were set for an all inclusive roadtrip that would take us all the way to Mundra Port and then through the countryside to Bhuj where we would board our afternoon plane destined for Mumbai once more.

The day was started off with a traditional Gujarati breakfast of, yellow cake? The name eludes me, but it had green leaves around it for taste, and some red sauce that I believe was referred to as “chutney”.

After our port visit was complete, our hosts decided to treat us to one last experience of Gujarati cuisine, and we headed toward a hotel in Bhuj where I experienced my first ever reverse buffet.

Now, with normal buffets, the likes of which the working man appreciate, you end up getting up yourself to go get food, correct? Not in Bhuj baby!

Here, you merely have a seat before a giant plate with several baby plates inside, and upon your seating, various waiters will pounce upon you and inquire as to what you wish to eat, and with every choice, one of them would put a little bit of the food they carry in one of the baby plates before you, and quite quickly your baby plates will be full, and then some!

It was here that I discovered that the “chappatti” we have in Kuwait is a FARCE! It is not chappatti, not in the slightest! It is actually something else, I believe it was referred to as Rotti, and it is NOT breakfast material! The real Chappatti is actually a very much smaller, and much lighter, version of wheat bread.

Once you finish the contents of the baby plate, the waiter will again ask if you wish for seconds, and thirds, and fourths.

The beautiful thing about this is that you do not pay by quantity, you can eat as much as you want, and the payment is fixed.

So if you are ever in Bhuj, do make it a necessary excursion on your list to drop by Prince Hotel and sample this wonderful, wonderful food.

To quote the Colonel, it was finger lickin’ good!

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