A Runner’s Worst Nightmare

Without a shadow of a doubt, this incident has proven to be the saddest moment of my running history.

Picture if you will the following scenario; a runner preparing to train. They have on their thermo tops, their running shorts, smart socks and wicked pumps. They don upon their kisser a pair of branded sunglasses, along with a brightly colored bandana to keep the sweat from their eyes. Their sophisticated watch whiz’s and whir’s as it attempts to triangulate their position via GPS.

The sun is shining and rainbows are shooting out of the arse’s of birds in flight as they sing their praise for this glorious day.

Our runner friend reaches down to hit “Play” on their music device (let us call it iPod), as the GPS has finally locked. And just as our runner friend is about to take their first step towards an hour or more’s worth of running, the music starting to pump its way from the iPod through the wires into their ears…

They realize that one of the earphones (most usually the right one) has died. Sporadically jumping into existence with the whimsical manipulation of the earphone jack.

I had my earphones for over a year now, a replacement for their misplaced comrades of the same exact make and brand, as I am most comfortable with them. Their greatest attribute? The wire can be shortened to facilitate armband mounting of iPods as well as pockets whilst running.

At the sudden realization that my trusted friend who had stuck with me on every track for the past 700KM was departing from this world, I wept a silent tear:

Music is the fuel which drives a runner forward, it is the oil which lubricates our tired joints into movement as the beats power our feet.

I reluctantly made my way to the nearest electronics store, the same exact store where I had initially purchased the very same earphones I donned to replace their misplaced comrade, hoping beyond hope to find the same exact model just eagerly awaiting my fingers. Last time, the salesman was unable to fulfill my request and I ended up finding the earphones myself.

I would not be so lucky this time.

Saddened, I made a purchase of another pair of earphones, alien to my aural canals, as I needed a quick replacement. They felt strange within my ears at first, completely different to my behind-the-neck, short enabled set.

Upon arriving at home and taking out the old pair for one final hurrah before their demise, a dim bulb brightened.

The heavens smiled upon me as I realized, the very same reason that made these earphones special would be their rebirth!

Why you ask?

Simple – I have bade farewell to a dozen earphones of many shapes and sizes previously, all due to the same condition – one earphone stops working (my earphone at work is currently fashioned from a fallen pair I used during university, one died and one survived).

I came to the realization that the fault lies not with the earphone, as it sporadically would transmit music for a micro second when the earphone jack moved inside my pocket, the fault lies with the jack itself! And, this specific pair of earphones had … 2 jacks! It is essentially a short pair of earphones with an extension cable.

And sure enough, the shorter version worked perfectly.

Crisis averted!

Back to sunshine and rainbows!


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