A Very Powerful Message

Remember how before we asked who still watches music videos (link)? This reporter was under the impression that the art of the video clip was long gone; however we are glad to eat our words and say that it is definitely not.

(The story comes full circle but please bear with me as I explain how)

Anyone remember Stromae? A musician that shot to fame with the following song that dominated the radio waves in 2010:

Well, I was sitting at my desk counting down the minutes till home time and checking Facebook when the following video appeared on my feed:

Now firstly, that look @ minute 1:18 @@

I digress. Anyhoo, remember I saw it on FB, so initially I started looking for the actual songs they were singing, couldn’t pinpoint the non-English ones, so I fished through the comments section and luckily, the internet answered and someone was nice enough to post videoclips to all the non-English songs (in case you are wondering, here is the list of all the songs they covered pulled from Youtube)

Freedom – Pharrell Williams
Lean on – Major Lazer
Carmen – Stromae
Hey mama – Nicki Minaj / David Guetta
Gangsta – Bigflo et Oli
Laissez passer – Maitre Gims
Conmigo – Kenji Girac
Bitch better have my money – Rihanna
Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
Cheerleader – OMI
CoCo – O.T. Genasis

So, one of the songs belonged to our friend from above Stromae, and as I was watching the videoclip, it captivated me; so here it is, with English subtitles, although you do not need words to understand what is going on:

Now I do not recall hearing this song over the radio waves, ergo I am assuming it did not hit well with the English speaking crowd, so I felt the need to post about it so that people can understand the powerful message it conveys.

We are all slaves to the machine. We grow the beast more by delving deeper into social media, refusing to look up at the blue sky above and instead peeking only at the blue bird on our screens, the retro camera, and the blue F.

Upon our demise, the cycle repeats.

Very surreal.

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