Advertising FAIL: How to Quit Ice Cream FOREVER

If you have a craving for the cold, delicious, savory treat known to mortals as the ice of cream, and feel it has added much to your waist line since you started consuming it like a junkie hooked on their next fix, and worry that you cannot break the siren-song-spell that this deliciously evil treat has cast upon your forsaken soul, fear not, there is a cure.

Simply watch this ad.

A definite advertising FAIL.

Firstly, the eyes of the subject are disturbing, they are literally looking into your soul.

Secondly, the zombie like movement in which it appears they proceed to eat scoop up their own brains and digest them.

Third, the creepy voice-over, especially at 0:25…

“… I eat little Baby’s ice-cream…”

Fourth, the name of the franchise, tied with this disturbing ad, really casts quite a shadowy veil over their ingredients!

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