Air Accident Database – Numbers & Words

Over the past few years, the world has seen its fair share of ugly airplane accidents.

Although the motives differ from one to the next, ranging from terrorist to technical difficulties, from suicide to strange disappearance, the path of lives shattered as a result of these tragedies lies long.

Here is a statistical review over the past few years:



(further detailed info can be found here)

As you can see, 2014 has been the worst year in terms of air traffic accidents.

The latest one raising several red flags over how the airlines screen and test the mental state of their pilots.

It is no rumor that the captains aboard the flight have the final say in terms of passenger manifest; meaning a captain can bar a passenger from boarding. Given the latest occurrence, an upheaval of these archaic rules is in order, with the captain’s full medical history being made available to the pubic, giving the PASSENGER the opportunity to reject the captain.

If the people aboard that fated plane had been made aware of all that the media has been digging up as of today, do you think they would have willingly boarded the plane?

Transparency is required in order to ensure a similar occurrence never happens again.


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