Al-Marai Spokesperson

I am addicted to Al-Marai juice (here); my fridge is never complete without at least 2 (if not more) of their beverages inside it; I usually tend to go for orange juice with pulp along with their mixed berries. I’ve sampled all of the line, enjoy some more than others and approve of the recent new additions to the family (Pomegranate and Kiwi & Lime).

If anything, I’d say the only thing they are missing is Peach, and then their dominance would be complete.

I want to be the official Al-Marai spokesperson!

Why do I wish to claim such a title? Remember this:

21K later, there is only one beverage that will replenish me.

Ok, take away all the ads on my back (I’m not averse to being any of their spokesperson either!), and the guy in the background, and come on, it sends a nice message right?

I told their guys there after the race the same exact thing, my fridge is never complete without their juice, and after mentioning my undying love for the Orange juice with pulp, the guy hooked me up with 3 (see, I can balance 3 in my hand!).

Ofcourse, I did end up giving them to thirsty policemen, so that also shows how Al-Marai is for all and enjoyed by all.

On a serious note, I think they do outstrip any other juice brand out there, and very well priced, as well as offering a good selection.

The smaller servings of lemon fly off the shelves at lightning speed; last night, whilst restocking @ a local Market, and immediately after a gruelling, intense workout, I was in need for some citric acid. Couldn’t find any lemon!

So what do you say Al-Marai? I’m not a greedy person, I don’t want money, just a lifetime supply of Juice 😛

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