Al-Nasser Sports Item FAIL

Truth be told, I should be mad @ Al-Nasser sports for promulgating the name “Nasser”, which has been the bane of my existence in Kuwait, being a Nassar (no Al), I cannot count the number of times my name has been written as Al-Nasser.

All that aside, Al-Nasser Sports is a true story of Kuwaiti accomplishment and achievement.

Once upon a time, in a complex in Hawally called “Adasani” (or مجمع العدساني), which was a one-stop shop for clothing items and the “latest” fashion. One the forefront of the mall, to the far left corner, there used to be a rather large sports shop called Al-Nasser Sports (here), selling clothing apparel on the ground floor, as well as equipment and more clothing apparel in the basement. i.e. the store had 2 locations within the large complex made up of 3 floors (basement, ground and 1st).

This was ofcourse during the 90s, the golden age of Kuwait in my honest opinion.

Fast forward to 2011, and Al-Nasser Sport has become a HUGE competitor on the sports apparel scene in Kuwait. Remember those two shops it had in Al-Adasani Complex? They were closed down, because Al-Nasser Sport built an entire new BUILDING the size of the complex, right behind it, to house their goods. Talk about expansion.

The reason Al-Nasser Sports is such a success is because it carries no-named brands, or brands that are not as well-known in the sports universe such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok etc. Hence the keywords are economic and affordable.

However, I was recently there a while ago and came across the following display:

Now, I am no Marketeer, however I pride myself on having a keen eye for colors, and the above color combinations are HORRENDOUS! These items are on sale at the counter, and quite honestly, they would put me off of purchasing anything, as some of the combinations are vomit-inducing.

Had they been plainly colored, one may have overlooked the flamboyant coloring, however, sticking a flag in the middle and not paying attention to the clash of colors is downright negligent.

I wouldn’t use them if they were gifted to me.

authors note: this post is not meant to degrade or defame Al-Nasser Sports Center, however it is meant to draw attention to the minor flaws that, if rectified, can serve to enhance its current position

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