All about SEX

“Sex Sells”, a phrase used as far back as 1870 and still true to this day.

Yesterday whilst driving around the time of Maghreb Prayer, RKFM had the atha’an and VOA had their special English program, so I switched the channel to BBC Radio. The topic at the time was a website. And what a website it is.


The “service” is called seeking arrangement, and it is made under the pretense of “mutually beneficial relationships”. It is marked towards 3 main groups – Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mommies and Sugar babies.

The nomenclature itself is disturbing to say the least.

In a perfect world where humanity is not driven by carnal desires, the website offers a mentor/mentee relationship, whereby one party teaches the other party a set of skills they acquired over the course of their experience, what they get in return in the perfect world would be having a protege.

HOWEVER, in today’s world, and based on everything I heard, the latter part of the deal is quite, ambiguous. In essence, the “sugar babies” are online to search for someone to “pay them a monthly allowance in exchange for their time”, to “discuss current events, but not music”, “to take them on trips abroad” or to “finance their enrollment in university/college”. For what? Left open.

According to the sites operators yesterday, THEY ARE NOT SELLING SEX! However, they then go on to say what happens between two consenting adults is their business and they take steps to ensure that the parties are protected. Duality much?

Most of the “sugar babies” interviewed were women, and the majority of them had noble intentions – getting through university without incurring massive debt in the process. However the reality of the situation still remains that all this website is doing is feeding young adults to richer, older persons. It claims that the “sugar babies” dictate the terms of the arrangement i.e. we only meet Saturday nights, do not call or text me every day, take me to the Bahamas over the holidays,,, etc.

We now live in a world that is all about SEX, sex workers  have gone from street corners to the banners on our screens. Every website you open is trying to entice you with pictures of gorgeous women they claim are right around the corner, all you need to do is click, click, click and of course submit your credit card information.

Now take a look at the ad for SA, and tell me its not all about SEX:



The moniker of the website is “sugar daddy dating”, whereas on the radio they were trying to make it a level playing field saying they catered to all. In essence, it offers a chance for dirty old men to get with little girls, legal paedophilia.


Its as if the founder read a crappy book about agreements that outline objectives and expectations, that all women were sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the cheesy movie to come out, and decided to make a business venture out of it (don’t ask me how I know this).

Ashley Madison may have been a website for scum, that promoted promiscuity amongst married couples behind their partners back, but at least they were honest about it. They weren’t masquerading as a mentor service for mentors to mentor together. The ramifications of the hack are still being felt across the world, with several people finding themselves in hot waters, some have even gone as far as making the ultimate sacrifice – suicide, as a result of their hidden identity being revealed.

So in a nutshell, you have young women looking for adventure and excitement, and older men looking for company. Lit match, meet powder keg.

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