@alqabas and the Arab Media Censorship

We (my wife and I) signed up to Al Qabas newspaper to avail a lucrative discount on other things, despite my love for online media and aversion to printed.

It is that same aversion that assisted in this article. After reading about the horrifying occurrences in Brussels, the following article came out in today’s paper :


Now, does anything look out of place? Irregular? Edited? To the untrained eye, no, even trained, but my memory reminded me that I’d seen this picture before, but different.

Here is the unedited pic:



Now, the question becomes why go through the trouble of covering up this old lady’s mid section by filling it in like a tshirt on MS paint, why not simply put it behind squares?

Unnecessary censorship, irrelevant even. I’m positive there are many other pictures depicting this tragedy.

So why?

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