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Ladies and gentlemen, the writer returns, bearing good news and heart-felt apologies (also, apologies for the length of this post, but I must make up for a LOT).

For the past few weeks I have regretfully neglected my duties as the captain at the helm of this ship, dedicated to taking readers on a relaxing journey of intrigue and mirth.

I am not without blame, however it is imperative that I justify my antics to those whose opinions I greatly value; and that is everyone who happens across this website, either by chance or by design, out of boredom or out of curiosity, who enjoy my writings or berate me behind closed doors, it matters not, what matters is that you are here, and that you hopefully return again.

As I was saying, the reason for my abrupt departure, as some may have already guessed, situated around two consecutive events; a business trip to India (as is evident by the latest Bombay/ Mumbai related posts bombarding my blog) and on a more serious note, an examination at AMIDEast that came to fruition yesterday.

You will remember AMIDEast from this previous post (here).

Allow me to describe the nature of yesterdays events.

I had awoken at 7:30am, my exam scheduled at 1:30pm, to get a few last minute revisions done and to go through my daily rigorous morning schedule (green tea, breakfast, an episode of The Simpsons to get my mood merry).

I left the house by 11am, and got to the test site (located near Al-Awadi Complex, the KFH Building), and went up. The elevator system in that building is very shoddy.

The lady at the front desk told me I was early, so I went back to my car, nicely parked in the shade, and sat and did some other last minute light reading, squeezed in one more episode of The Simpsons, and by 1:oopm I headed back to the dreaded center.

What was a barren wasteland in the morning had turned into a social gathering; people left, right and center. I bumped into several former colleagues from my previous job, all there for the same exam! After completing the sign in process, whereby they require you to copy a silly paragraph (word for word) that states you will not attempt to reproduce the question material (yadda yadda), you are instructed to wait for the exam.

Now, I had my hopes set on entering at 1:30pm, to wrap things up by 5:00 (4hr exam, 30 mins of tutorials), and have the rest of the evening to myself. No such luck. Due to overbooking, you had to wait for a “turn”, meaning wait for someone taking an exam inside to finish and vacate their PC, then you would be called according to the number on the back of your clipboard with the sheet you signed and paragraph copied.

One of the applicants in the room was drinking a lot of water, a former colleague of mine warned him that the 4hour exam had NO BATHROOM BREAKS, you took them on your own time, and the bathroom was far away from the test area, plus you had to sign out and sign back in, so in total, you would lose precious time. And trust me, the exam is 100 MCQs in 3 hours (you need three hours) and, if you get at least 50%, it opens up the second part of the exam, 2 essay Qs in 1hour.

Myyyyy Precccccioussssss!

Needless to say, the guy did in fact end up taking a bathroom break!

Now, my turn came up at 2:30pm. As I was ushered into the exam hall, I had to empty out my pockets, switch off my phone, and even pull them inside out (the pockets, not the phone).

I found myself being directed to PC#4.

My heart skipped a beat. 4 was my lucky number! It must be a divine sign!

However, I was quick to read the tarrot cards, as in fact, the minute I sat on the PC and began the tutorial, it shut down. I called the lady who signed me in, and as if I were at some high-tech NASA institute, she hid the keyboard as she keyed in the username and password. Puh-Leeeez.

The PC shut down twice after that. My nerves were wracked. I was moved to PC#12 and the exam began, MUCH later than anticipated.

The one guide I can give you when answering MCQs is, if you feel a question “flew over the cuckoos nest (i.e. your head) the first time around, leave it blank and carry on, come back to it later. I ended up leaving 6 such Qs, and went back to answer them in the last 10 minutes. The counter on the PC showed a countdown of the last 30 seconds, as I was considering closing my session early, I saw that I had missed two questions!! Frantically, with the clock ticking down the last precious few seconds, I made a snap decision to just go with B and D for them, consecutively. As the PC went blank to compute your score (see whether you scored above 50%) I thought it would shut down, but luckily, I was again entered into the realm of the essay Q, and this time, it was tailor made for me.

As the exam drew to a close, they had a second questionnaire for you, to inquire as to what mode of study you implied, what material you used, then it asked about the test center, I spared no expense and held nothing back, and informed them of the faulty PC.

Now, as I was leaving, it was roughly 6:50, actually, exactly, and I will tell you why.

Outside, apparently I had left an alarm on my phone, and it switched on, inside the locker, and was singing aloud. The guy at the door was peeved, and asked me, didn’t I tell you to switch off your phone? I am going to have to report this, and we’ll see what “they” do. Then he said something about radio waves that just flew over my head.

FYI dude @ AMIDEast, all phones now, regardless of their power status, will switch ON when an alarm time is set.

Was this fool actually accusing me of cheating?!

Needless to say,  I got home and shot a very strong worded complaint to Prometric over the issue. I have yet to hear from them.

Cheating, indeed..

Wish me luck on this one guys & gals!

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