Amy Whinehouse’s Death

It is always a sad predicament when one finds a youth with so much potential die at such an early age. It is not for anyone to say she “died too soon”, as our lives and paths are predetermined, it was her time.

Her choices however, are what we can lament.

Having hit top of the iTunes most downloaded charts since news of her death became public knowledge, the world mourns the loss of Amy Whinehouse.

Some however, are more interested in searching for images of Amy Whinehouse with no make-up or wig on; to those I say, show some respect.

These actions further fuel the fact that we are as much responsible for her death as the drugs that killed her. The general population of the world is so quick to accept stars and celebrities, and so quick to condemn them when they slip up. It is a vicious circle whereby the stars and celebrities themselves also add to their downward spiral.

I cannot say I was a fan of hers per se, I may have liked a song on the radio that turned out to be hers once or twice, but that was the limit of my interest.

Much like Heath Ledger’s and Brittany Murphy’s demise, Amy Whinehouse is sure to spark emotion and condolences from around the globe.

It is not for me to say, however celebrities lives are not all glitz and glamour, there is a dark side to fame that is always shown in real life yet never explored.

Britney Spears, the mouse-keteer, Christina Auguillera, Hilary Duff, Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus.. Compare the starts of their careers with where they are now. The good girl image is quickly discarded as soon as their fame skyrockets.

All one can hope for is that a lesson is learnt from all these young deaths.

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