An Original Quote on Progress

“The most effective way to measure progress is to
know your limits; and then exceed them.”
Lord Aymz

Why did I come up with that?

It all had to do with my past weekend, the busiest of my entire life!

Friday morning, had a desert biking ride with the DBCK, extremely enjoyable! It will get its own post real soon.

Saturday morning, RunQ8 marathon. 10K, managed to finish it in under 50 minutes, I had promised myself I would only have oatmeal for dinner that night, but one thing lead to another, and I met a highschool friend over in Kuwait City and we went and had some Palak Paneer & Dal Fry + some spicy chicken, I think the most destructive of all this was the oil-soaked bread!

Still, I managed to do it in good time, and offer some entertainment to the peeps in the form me jumping over the distance markers, just for shits & giggles.

It was great seeing all the Fijians from the Saracens Rugby team out in full force, as they work for Agility, and were a mighty helpful hand that day. I managed to score a bronze medal (they were giving them out to everyone 😛 ).

Sunday, Rugby training, although I cannot feel anything beneath my thighs, and walking is a pain, I still laced up the boots and went out for training. Got an ovation from the guys for a well-placed tackle, despite doing some damage to my right pinky. And a bruise on my left arm that I have no idea how it got there!

Later on, the gym, for some chest workouts, and a relaxing dip in the freezing cold pool, followed by 10 or so mins in the sauna to unwind.

Monday, more rugby!

So you see, always set your limits, and exceed them, only in that will you truly be able to excel.

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