And she’s at it again – Salwa stirs up trouble with Moroccan Women

I usually refrain from posting such videos but, after watching them, I could not resist.

The story is as follows; Salwa Al-Mutairi released a video in which she attacks Moroccan women calling them “swamps” (the insult is lost in translation, it basically means dredges as she wants to put it forth). Why? Apparently she came into possession of a video made by a Gulf National (the nature of the video is up to your imagination) whereby said Gulf National gets his co-star, a Moroccan, to call Gulf Girls “black kneed”, as in having black knees.

This seems to have hit a nerve with Salwa, as she released the following video, calling Moroccan women adulterers (amongst several other things):

and in response, a Moroccan in Spain released the following video; in it she does not deny the fact that adultery exists in Morocco, and in fact in all parts of the world, and then calls for a travel ban on Kuwaiti men from travelling to Morocco until a formal apology is received:

Unfortunately, this is all placed snugly under the blanket of “freedom of expression” and “freedom of the internet“, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as well as the right to post said opinion onto a global forum, causing quite a stir, oblivious to the economic and political ramifications that could result from this seemingly minute episode.

People need to exercise caution in how they portray their view points to others. Then again, Salwa has always been a wild card, amongst her ideas:

1) Islamic Whiskey

2) Fast-edible cigarettes i.e. cigarettes you can smoke during Ramadan that would not cause you to break fast

3) European female concubines for Kuwaiti men to prevent adultery

4) European male slaves for Kuwaiti women to improve the appearance (fair skin, hair, eyes etc).

Indeed, the internet is a strange, strange, strange place.

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