Angry at Kuwait Airport


Sometimes in life you are tested beyond your mortal limits, when everything that could go wrong does go wrong and you end up regretting the second you set foot out of bed.

After wasting 45 minutes in the wrong queue, and then moving to a much shorter queue only to subsequently find out that the person ahead of you in the long queue actually ends up finishing before you!

Why you ask?

The conveyor belt broke.

However, the charming lady at business counter #17 was nice enough to share her skittles with me, and the luggage handler Lobo made sure my bags got on.

Behold the largest game of snake ever in an airport on a public holiday:


The piling luggage:


And then once we finally cleared luggage and got to passport control; only one counter was accepting non-GCC citizens. 2 for the GCC.

I’ll go have my lemonade and Green tea now…

Apologies for the raging posts. This live blogging thing does have its downsides.

If I have offended you in anyway, please get in touch via the comments and a consolation prize will be brought to you upon my return.

Friends and acquaintances cannot take advantage of this, you must put up with me for free!

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