Animating the Pages of Bazaar Magazine!

It all started on a forum…

The introduction may seem nondescript, however the repercussions of that statement are still sending shockwaves through this writer’s mind.

However, for the sake of clarity, let us start the beginning.

As we stated earlier, it all started on a forum. In an effort to explore more of what Kuwait had to offer a returning expat who had done the school scene here, I sought advice from the one true source of all knowledge; Google. It is there that I was directed to an up-and-coming expat-specific forum titled Expat Blog (link).

The interface is extremely simple. You have only to sign up and create an account to explore the plethora of forums dedicated to expats, made by other expats, in every country in the world.

Fancy starting a career in Luxembourg? Check out the Luxembourg forum and inquire as to the necessary documents etc.

Selling something? They have classifieds.

What makes the site stand out the most however is its dedicated team of Administrators who moderate the forum for spam and dating advances, ensuring it is a safe platform for all to interact and share knowledge.

I immediately took a fancy to being able to help out expats on the verge of arriving in Kuwait, whether they wanted advice on taxi vs car, accommodation areas, restaurants etc. Post by post the admins recognized my insight and “promoted” me to the role of “Kuwait Animator“.

Along with that, I established this here blog to gather my ramblings in one place.

At the advice of a friend, I submitted a few pieces to Bazaar and long story short, became a Bazaarite.

The April Issue

That is what put me on page 32 of the April issue, “The Witty One“… Me.

Humbled? Definitely.

Thankful? Surely.

Did I forget to mention it makes for a spiffy birthday gift for this Taurus?

The interview is available online here.

Bazaar Magazine is available for FREE at every Starbucks in Kuwait, as well as other locations. Hurry up and grab your copy, flip to page 32 and enjoy!

(For those who wish to partake in the Green Theme of the issue, here is a link to their online version)

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