Antisemitism & the Delusion of Freedom of Speech

The current global environment is wrought with tension and anxiety.

Since the events of September 11, 2001; the specter of Islamophobia (prejudice against Muslims) reared its ugly head.

Islamophobia by @CarlosLatuff

Since that day, the prejudice against Muslims was raised ten notches, with everyone sporting a beard suddenly appearing suspicious and eyed with extreme caution. This of course bred intolerance on both sides, which lead to a minority pretending to speak on behalf of the majority and exercising their extreme points of view. This happened as well on both sides.

Now add to that already volatile powder-keg of a situation the recent events of the amateur film made that made mockery of the Muslim faith’s greatest figure, The Prophet Muhammad.

The Libya attacks by @CarlosLatuff

And that is exactly what it was; an amateur video. Created by an extremist to provoke the Muslim majority. All those deaths, all that violence, in essence was caused by that first spark of an idea he had in which to depict the Prophet in such a manner, and release that video on the internet.

This is where my story starts. The events above transpired whilst I was abroad on my first solo assignment at work, I was kept away from my blog by virtue of the long hours at the office and lack of a stable internet connection in the hotel, however, I still managed a few glimpses of the reaction of the people over there to the amateur film, behold one banner hanging outside a retail shop:

What went wrong? Is this a case of over-reaction on the part of Muslims, or under-reaction on the part of the West?

@CarlosLatuff the tip of the Iceberg

The World suffers from a terrible case of intolerance. Ignorance breeds fear, and fear breeds hate, and hate breeds Intolerance.

How often have you happened across a website with a Meme (pronounced Meem) depicting Jesus Christ in a mocking manner? The general idea of the world is, if it is ok to mock Jesus Christ, then it is ok to mock everyone else. Right? Freedom of speech?

Wrong. Here is why. There is a very solid, blood-red line with “DO NOT CROSS” written all over it: Anti-Antisemitism.

@CarlosLatuff double standards & Anti-Antisemitism

Or this:

@CarlosLatuff Antisemitism

Be careful the guise of freedom, for it is rarely properly interpreted.

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