Anything else Pales in Comparison

The picture above is not some artists rendition, it is not a scene taken from 10,000BC.

No, what you see before you is an actual, perfectly preserved woolly mammoth, almost 10,000 years old, found in the icy tundra that is Siberia.

From the BBC:

Teeth, tusks and bone are the most common ways extinct animals such as mammoths are studied, as these parts of the body take a relatively long time to decompose.

Soft tissues such as muscle, skin and internal organs decompose far quicker, and are very rarely found on old carcasses. This means that vital information is usually lost.

But much of Yuka’s soft tissue as well as its woolly coat has remained intact, well-preserved in its icy tomb for possibly more than 10,000 years.

When one stands before a monument of ancient history such as the Pyramids of Egypt or the Temples of Greece, a humbling understanding washes over the stressed and troubled minds and psyches, as thoughts of how, in that very spot where one is standing, almost 5,000 or so years ago, some other person stood gazing upon that monument, with their own thoughts, their own troubles, their own lives. Imagine this; an animal that existed over 10,000 years ago, in pristine condition, unlike the “skeletons” of dinosaurs that stand in museums, fossilized and bearing little to no actual DNA to them, here are the discernible remains of a mammoth.

I wonder how many fashion houses have thought of/will vie for the opportunity to create a coat from the remains of this mammoth. Also, I wonder how much that piece of history would cost.

We see the world according to the paths we have dedicated ourselves in. What a life it would have been, had we been bred as archaeologists or historians.

Your troubles, your worries, your tribulations all pale in comparison to time.

What will remain of us when we die? Will they find our bodies? In that case if you wish to be remembered long after you are gone, go for an arctic trip and never return.

Think about it, your worries are trivial in the greater scheme of things. Work through them, and do not ask god for a lighter load, instead ask for broader shoulders.

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